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U.S. Capitol and White House Cronyism Must End

Guest Tea Party Patriot

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Guest Tea Party Patriot

I agree with Occupy Wall Street on some issues.


Our elected officials are corrupted.


The transfer of jobs to China must be stopped.


U.S. Banks are not serving interest of the People.


What I DO NOT AGREE with Occupy Wall Street.


All rich people are bad.


More taxes solve the problem.

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Real Clear Politics has the hottest story on the internet.





Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa): We have not lead in a clear way. American people don’t know what House Republicans believe in and they surely don’t know what we’re willing to fight for and I am as disappointed as the public is. I have been trying to generate a fight in this Congress all year, I wanted to draw that line and shut off all funding to ObamaCare, we would have won that fight with the American people.


Laura Ingraham: Is Eric Cantor the problem? That is what I am hearing.


King: I will just say straight out that its clear to me that Speaker Boehner made a decision, either before but I am convinced it was at least shortly after the election last November, a year ago last November, that we would not be in a position where we would be blamed for shutting down the government…that’s the only place where you bring the leverage to this Congress, to take on Harry Reid and Barack Obama, is you have to be willing to face a shutdown and you have to have the debate among the American people.


Ingraham: You think that would have helped the Republican Party and you guys would be in a better position today had the government been shut down?


King: The shutdown isn’t the point so much as, I don’t want the shutdown either, but if you are afraid of the shutdown you can’t have the confrontation and you lose every negotiation along the way.


Ingraham: So Cantor or Boehner, which one is more responsible for setting the tone?


King: I think it’s clearly Boehner because he is the one that began to convince the 87 freshmen you shall have to vote for a debt ceiling increase, that started in the first week of their election too, and we are not going to have a government shutdown, all of those things along the way.

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Guest Occupy DC

The 60 minutes story on the Speaker's insider trading sent many over the edge. He and other senators, representatives, and even judges have been corrupted. They are not going to write any bills that police their meal ticket. The only way to save this country is by Constitutional Convention.

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