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Tax amnesty on foreign earnings


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Banks and Corporations need to invest in the United States Business community other than themselves (that includes buying your shares back).


The goal would be to stimulate American manufacturing and independent small businesses.


They should get a one time amnesty tax of 3% if they invest 100% of their money not being claimed as sitting in the United States (Even though we know it is).

6% amnesty tax break if they invest 75% or more in US Small Business.

9% amnesty tax if they invest 50% or more in US Small Business

12% amnesty tax if invested 25% plus in US Small Business.

15% amnesty tax if invested 10%+ in US SB

18% amnesty tax if invested = 8%+ US SB

21% amnesty tax if invested = 6%+ US SB

24% amnesty tax if invested = 5%+ US SB

27% amnesty tax if invested = 4%+ US SB

29% amnesty tax if invested = 3%+ US SB

31% amnesty tax if invested = 2%+ US SB

33% amnesty tax if invested = 1%+ US SB


The corporation or individual gets no amnesty if they make no USA investments.


The proceeds would go straight into U.S. Infrastructure and Small Business Loan programs.

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