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October [p]oetic [i]nhalationnnn...


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tin lustre mobile volume 4 issue 6 illustrated by carlos luis...


volume 4 issue 6...scene 1

ivan arguelles

michael boyle

h. kent craig

annmarie eldon

rich furman

john grey

james grinwis

neal hanson

don hite

michael internicola


volume 4 issue 6...scene 2

ward kelley

dorothee lang

kelly ann malone

barry schwabsky

tom sheehan

john sweet

eileen tabios

thomas lowe taylor

padma jared thornlyre

kelley white





creative writing...in pdf


david bromige + richard denner...spade: cantos 13-15

art by s. mutt


mel freilicher...a literary li(f)e: excerpt from the unmaking of americans

cover art: drew mariano





feature ebooks...in pdf format


kari edwards...one imagines something supposedly

cover art: andrew lundwall


harry stammer...isnting

cover art: thomas lowe taylor


steven stewart...distilled/appropriated/translated: repropositions from the bodhicaryavatara of santideva

illustrated by jay dayva





siamese surge...

tiptoe laureates...[pick]pocket [e]book of collaborations...in pdf


john bennett + jim leftwich

garin cycholl + andrew lundwall

philomene long + hammond guthrie

trupthi + cyrill duneau

jeannie smith + andrew lundwall

jukka-pekka kervinen + mark young




H-Log [internet remix edition] by kenji siratori




a + j :-)

managing editors


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