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  1. tin lustre mobile volume 4 issue 6 illustrated by carlos luis... volume 4 issue 6...scene 1 ivan arguelles michael boyle h. kent craig annmarie eldon rich furman john grey james grinwis neal hanson don hite michael internicola volume 4 issue 6...scene 2 ward kelley dorothee lang kelly ann malone barry schwabsky tom sheehan john sweet eileen tabios thomas lowe taylor padma jared thornlyre kelley white http://www.poeticinhalation.com/tlm_v4i6.html creative writing...in pdf david bromige + richard denner...spade: cantos 13-15 art by s. mutt mel freilicher...a literary li(f)e: excerpt from the unmaking of americans cover art: drew mariano http://www.poeticinhalation.com/pi_creativ...ivewriting.html feature ebooks...in pdf format kari edwards...one imagines something supposedly cover art: andrew lundwall harry stammer...isnting cover art: thomas lowe taylor steven stewart...distilled/appropriated/translated: repropositions from the bodhicaryavatara of santideva illustrated by jay dayva http://www.poeticinhalation.com/pi_featureartist.html siamese surge... tiptoe laureates...[pick]pocket [e]book of collaborations...in pdf john bennett + jim leftwich garin cycholl + andrew lundwall philomene long + hammond guthrie trupthi + cyrill duneau jeannie smith + andrew lundwall jukka-pekka kervinen + mark young http://www.poeticinhalation.com/siamese.html H-Log [internet remix edition] by kenji siratori http://www.poeticinhalation.com/ks_H-Log_i...mixedition.html a + j :-) managing editors http://www.poeticinhalation.com/
  2. snow dance in sky shadow wake this taste with sound throw like unclothed kiss cry ocean broken felt ancient smoke evaporate heart machine cold voices now slice our yard barbecue hair the synthetic woman ...brea[the] beauty of august... poetic inhalation andrew + jeannie :-)
  3. dear respected friends + colleagues... the july issue of poetic inhalation is now live for your poetic reading pleasure... http://www.poeticinhalation.com we are pleased to announce that poetic inhalation will be out and about the northern virginia metro area this summer participating in various readings...for more info on these live events please visit... http://www.poeticinhalation.com/eventinformation.html many thanks... andrew + jeannie :) tin lustre mobile volume 4 issue 3 featuring the photography of anna repp poetry... joey madia allison warren mary kasimor mark stricker mairead byrne kirby olson anemone achtnich catherine daly bob marcacci hal sirowitz creative writing... parallax by catherine kasper cover art: diana bonebrake richard denner + david bromige art: s.mutt ...feature gallery... ebooks... coyote's engine by halvard johnson cover art: roger c miller fractured rapture by mark s kuhar cover art: david lloyd i came dressed as john wilkes booth by wb keckler cover art: greg ferrand ...reviews... ric carfagna reviews dadada by catherine daly joel bettridge reviews days by hank lazer
  4. clickhere to revel + read the poetic inhalation june issue
  5. My dedicated support of the visual and literary arts to promote education and community involvement, commitment building collaborations amongst organizations, and my appreciation for the importance of arts in the public and private arenas provides devoted energy and creativity to arts organizations in need of an exhibit/event coordinator and public relations associate. My broadened involvement in the Art Community embraces superior creative service to art patrons, students, and artists worldwide. Highly efficient and able to work with grace under pressure, my administrative abilities include the capacity to coordinate staff, develop special assignment projects, manage multiple priorities and delegate duties. Additionally, my natural dedication and commitment as well as my proven ability building and working in artistic environments provides ample and valuable proficiency interacting with numerous organizations and individuals to achieve high quality presentations, service, and communication. Sincere Thanks, J. Smith starjewelsmith@aol.com RELEVANT JOB SKILLS * Art Community Development * Art Publication Management * Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication * Efficient and effective organization and staff administration * Website Managment, Microsoft Office, Internet, Paint Shop Pro CURRENT HISTORY ART COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT * Independent promotional projects for individual artists worldwide (December 2001 – Present) * Arlington County Cultural Affairs (January 2004) - Coordinated and promoted performance art event * Customer Service Contractor, Classika Theatre (August 2003 - November 2003) - Provided Full-scale Customer Service to patrons and student, Office Management, Marketing & Development * Independent Press Association (June 2003) - Proposed development and expansion plan for membership expansion and application process * CDW Georgetown (March to May 2003) - Conceived, planned and promoted eight week art exhibit ART PUBLICATION MANAGMENT * Managing Editor and Web Master, Monthly Arts Publication (June 2003 to Present) - Conceived and designed monthly web publication - Managed volunteer staff and all technical, creative and administrative processes * Editor/Writer, Biweekly Arts & Culture Publication (December 2001 to June 2003) - Chief Editor (November 2002 to June 2003) - Associate Editor (January 2002 to May 2002) - Art and Music Editor (December 2001 to May 2002) - Columnist and Feature Writer (October 2001 to June 2003) EDUCATION B.A, Virginia Tech, Blackburg, VA (1990) starjewelsmith@aol.com
  6. ...free thinkers non-exclusive creatives breathe in the artistic blend of beauty... art poetry creative writing ebooks...poetic inhalation
  7. colored scarf canopies in the sun candelabras held outward we walk crisping flesh in kiss © star smith + andrew lundwall ...the april issue of poetic inhalation and the tin lustre mobile is now online http://www.poeticinhalation.com/ enjoy! star + andrew :-)
  8. You are invited to read downloadable PI/TLM Ebooks... Moon Wards...Vernon Frazer My Body in Nine Parts - with Supplements and Illustrations...Raymond Federman Donor...by Andrew Lundwall Banana Baby...by Louise Landes Levi Poetic Inhalation Ebooks Enjoy the March Issue of Poetic Inhalation and The Tin Lustre Mobile Star Smith and Andrew Lundwall Co-Founders / Managing Editors http://www.poeticinhalation.com/index1.html home of the creative alliance http://www.poeticinhalation.com/creativealliance.html member of the independent press association http://www.indypress.org
  9. the february issue of poetic inhalation is online with more experimental art poetry and creative writing... breathe it!...poeticinhalation.com
  10. PoeticInhalation.com will present their first live reading at the Thursday Reading Series at Arlington Central Library on Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 7:30pm. The event is scheduled to be taped by Arlington Independent Media. Feature poets include: Clay "Lightning Rod" January doreen peri Caryn "Firecracker" Thurman Levi Asher Lyn Lifshin Also reading will be: John Lawson, Jennifer Barnes, Kevin Fitzgerald, Perry Lindstrom, Dan Campbell, H. Amador, Andrew Lundwall, Star Smith Contact: star@poeticinhalation.com Date: Thursday, January 29, 2004 Time: 7:30pm Place: Arlington Central Library, 1015 N. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22207 Admission: FREE Web info: http://www.poeticinhalation.com/eventinformation.html ...also enjoy the PI January 2004 issue http://www.poeticinhalation.com/index1.html
  11. the december issue of poetic inhalation izzzz up and alive with more experimental art poetry and creative writing... poem of the week of 12/1...carmen gage http://www.poeticinhalation.com/featurepoem.html *** tin lustre mobile v3i6 poets...anne marie eldon...aparna sharma...larry jaffe...mark young...paul skyrm featured artist...aparneet singh http://www.poeticinhalation/v3i6.html v3i7 translations by...maya jourave...todd sanders...ray federman featured artist...hemut kand http://www.poeticinhalation/v3i7.html *** pi features... art galleries... jason beam...temptation http://www.poeticinhalation/jasonbeam.html colleen af venable...art taboo http://www.poeticinhalation/colleenafvenable.html v mann...bound and gagged http://www.poeticinhalation/vcmann.html poetic artists... stephen mead http://www.poeticinhalation/stephenmead.html ignacio fusilier artistry fused with star smith poetry http://www.poeticinhalation/beyonddefinition.html creative writing... raymond federman...gaston the rejected editor http://www.poeticinhalation/gaston.html chapbook reviews... andrew lundwall reviews kari edwards' iduna and william allegrezza's lingo http://www.poeticinhalation/doubledose.html tom hibbard reviews larry sawyer http://www.poeticinhalation.com/affordable.html live...love...create ox...star j
  12. poeticinhalation.com has gone monthly to present the best experimental writing poetry and art on the web ...we feature art galleries...creative writing...spectacular poetry...essays...interviews...reviews...any exploratory creations that our artists from all over the world wish to share... please feel welcome to breeze through the beauty and submit your ideas and artistry for consideration immerse yourself...poeticinhalation.com oxox...star jewel
  13. An Amazing Adventure An Amazing Adventure, an original musical for ages 6 and up, is full of surprises and an unforgettable happy ending that make the perfect combination for a family holiday celebration. The performance incorporates adult and children actors with live puppetry. A rousing great holiday treat! Where: Classika Theatre 4041 S. 28th Street, The Village at Shirlington Arlington, VA 22206 When: November 22, 2003 to January 25, 2004 Fridays and Saurdays at 7pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm (noon) Tickets: $12 in advance; $15 at the door For more information please call 703.824.0660 or visit http://www.classika.org. Discount available for Seniors and Groups of 10 or more. The Nutcracker: A Tale of the Hard Nut Based on E.T. A Hoffman's story The Nutcracker: A Tale of the Hard Nut, based on E.T. A Hoffman's story which explores the mystery of why the prince was turned into the Nutcracker, is an original puppet play adaptation. Where: Classika Theatre 4041 S. 28th Street, The Village at Shirlington Arlington, VA 22206 When: November 29, 2003 to January 25, 2004 Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm (noon) Tickets: $10 in advance; $12 at the door For more information please call 703.824.0660 or visit http://www.classika.org. Discount available for Seniors and Groups of 10 or more.
  14. the newest pi and tlm are posted :-) we'd like to welcome our two new regular contributors to our levitation creative gallery...artistic poet trupthi and visual visionary drew mariano http://www.poeticinhalation.com/levitation.html dip into our feature gallery with words and visions from...richard denner...andrew french...scott malby...star smith http://www.poeticinhalation.com/feature.html vol 3 i 1 of the tlm highlights...alison daniel…ian randall wilson…iain matheson…jeff harrison…l. ward abel…anvil legal…featuring comic brut art by pieter zandvliet http://www.poeticinhalation.com/tlm.html vol 3 i 2 of the tlm spotlights...graham catt…sanjay trehan…ruth mark…jack donahue…paul thompson…william john watkins…thomas fink…featuring neo-feauvist art by gordon moyer please feel welcome to respond to our artists and tell them how inspiring they are :-) breathe in the beauty... http://www.poeticinhalation.com/ live...love...enjoy andrew and star :-) http://www.poeticinhalation.com/creativealliance.html
  15. Classika Theatre in the Village Shirlington presents "Chekov's Jokes"...Chekhov’s Jokes are two one-act comedies – The Bear and The Marriage Proposal – which offer a farcical look at the silly nature and unpredictable behavior of Russian’s provincial nobles. Run Time: September 27 to November 9, 2003 Thursdays – Saturdays at 8:00 PM; and Sunday at 5:00 PM. Tickets: Thursdays & Sundays $17 in advance; $20 at the door; Fridays & Saturdays $20 in advance; $22 at the door. Call: 703.824.0660 Email: jeannie@classika.org Website: www.classika.org Founded in 1996 by Inna Shapiro and Alyona Ushe, Classika Theatre provides high-quality theatrical performances in the renowned Russian theatrical tradition to audiences of all ages. Classika Theatre stages international classical and contemporary repertoire for adult and teenage audiences (the Adult Series) and original productions for elementary / middle school students and family audiences (the Family Series). Classika's Green Parrot Puppet Theatre offers puppet / marionette musicals for family audiences. The Classika Theatre Studio offers visual and dramatic arts programs for children and the Classika Professional Adult Acting Studio offers classes in the Stanislavsky Acting Method taught by top Russian professional directors. In addition, Classika Theatre has launched two successful outreach programs, ARTsmarts and SS VETA with Arlington Public Schools which utilize the visual and the dramatic arts to improve students' academic performance on standardized tests, improve reading and comprehension skills and build confidence and self-esteem.
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