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Part time hours ….Full time pay… sound good? Would you like to educate women about sexuality? Become your own boss? Own your own business? Create your own hours? Gain personal confidence? GET PAID TO PARTY???


This is a great business to be apart of! You not only get to make your own hours but you are your own boss!! This would be your business to run anyway you want...if you only want to work one day a month or everyday, it's up to you! It is your own business but you are not in the business alone!! Passion Parties is the number In home one Party Company!! They help out in so many ways! I researched other companies and found Passion Parties to be the best! They have so much to offer and the kits are not priced like other toy companies. I always have hostesses tell me that Passion Parties has excellent pricing and selection! We are also Classier and offer items that promote monogamy and healthy sexual relationships inside the marriage.


I love my business because it has allowed me to be a stay at home mom and I make more than my old 9-5 job!! You really make hundreds of dollars in a couple of hours... the least I have ever made from one party was $250, in just 3 hours!! At first I was not sure if I could do this (get in front of a group of women and talk) but after my first party this was the Biz for me It is hardly anything that could be described as work.Work has NEVER been this fun!So if you need some extra cash or you are looking for your own business to run, this is perfect! It is also perfect for full time/part time students who need money but also need time to study and have a social life instead of working 8 hours a day! Also if you work full time but still need extra money then this is perfect, you just work 3 hours doing a party and sometimes you make more than you did working all week! But your’re definitely make more than you would working another part time job!



Passion Parties is running the MORE FEET ON THE STREET promotion RIGHT NOW!! Which means the kits are on SALE!!!! Sign up NOW to start saving now before the promotion ends!


I have signed up a few new girls with this promotion and they are so happy theyjumped on this opportunity!


With this LIMITED time promotion kits prices are as follows:


$100 kit gives you 25% buying discount (normally 10%),


*$250 kit gives you 40% buying discount (normally 25%),


and $450 kit gives you the regular 40% buying discount AND with the promotion gives you FREE shipping when/if you place your qualifying order with the business builders order


*The $250 kit is the best kit with this promotion! IT SAVES YOU $200!! Instead of having to purchase the $450 kit for the maximum discount you get it and save $200! I purchased the $450 kit and invested in my kit with the money I saved! You can invest in your kit right away or do it as you get your profit from your parties. I always let my Girls know what are the most popular toys to invest in also. If you do not have the extra money to invest right away THAT’S OK!There are other ways to earn your kit if you really truly are a Woman that has a drive to succeed. And if you do then go for it…the more you invest in good toys to show off then the more sales you get!


You not only get paid from your discount...you also can earn monthly bonuses, exotic trips and cars! And you get 5% of your downline sales, three levels deep! That’s FREE money!!!!


Once you purchase your kit everything else is easy! I will help you get started...from providing you with all your paperwork to giving you a cheat sheet that tells you about all the products and lets face it, sex sells itself! This is something I do for my team of women…this will get you all ready to do your first party before you even get your kit in the mail! Mention this ad and I will print your first set of business cards. You will get more training than just what Passion Parties provides with me as your sponsor. I am always there for my team of women, I am available all the time for any questions or concerns. I also help out with getting you parties and help with any recruiting. I advertise in your area, and give all party leads to you!!!! I am getting party leads RIGHT NOW for all areas, all states and I need women like you fill those PARTIES for me!!!!


Online Shopping Now AvailAble!!!

Shop In the Privacy Of your own Home!



If you are interested in getting started, you can email me or call me with any questions. If you call or email me I will get your number and return the phone call to save you on phone charges. Or you can visit my web site, click on the link below and fill out the form and I will contact you right away!I look forward to hearing from you!




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Lisas Passion Parties

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