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  1. <center><img src="C:\Documents and Settings\Angel\Desktop\PP IMAGES\girl roses.jpg" width=200 height=200></center> http://members.cox.net/passionworld For those of you who have thought about becoming a Passion Consultant NOW IS THE TIME TO JOIN!! KITS ARE ON SALE - $250 GETS YOU STARTED!! ~~WOMEN Flock TO THESE TYPES OF PARTIES~~ Ladies, I am a self employed, wife and stay at home mom. I only work a maximum of 8 hours per week and create my own business hours that allow me to stay at home and spend time with my family. What could be better then that?? I GET PAID TO PARTY!! What are the benefits of being a Passion Consultant? *GETTING PAID TO PARTY *The demand for these parties are enormous *Enjoying all the tax write offs of owning your own business *Paying yourself for what you are worth *Being your own boss *Being recognized for all of your achievements *Working at your own pace.....1 party per month or 15 parties per month *Enjoying fabulous jewelry, relaxing vacations and fabulous conventions *Meeting an endless amount of new friends *Passion Parties pay structure is the best (download the attachment in this e-mail) *Buying discount for yourself and your partner! *Celebrity Speakers at conventions,Authors,sex therapists. Liberating women from the bedroom to the bank.......Passion Parties is the Place to be!! Learn more about me and this opportunity by visiting my website at http://members.cox.net/passionworld and download a brochure called "You can Have it all" and watch a 10 minute video of other women who get paid to party!! I will train you...motivate you....and cheer you on every step of the way.....IF YOU DON'T SUCCEED I DON'T SUCCEED.... JOIN MY TEAM BY FEBRUARY 28,2005 AND RECEIVE $50 IN FREE PRODUCTS!! Do you know someone who be good at being a Passion Consultant? If so, forward this ad and refer them to me and you will receive $50 in FREE Passion goodies of your choice when they sign up!! Passion Parties by Lisa Lisa Warren Passion Parties Executive Manager Phone: 1-(888)-222-3462 Email: Lisastoyroom@yahoo.com Webs0ite: http://members.cox.net/passionworld ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location: Los Angeles,San Diego,San Francisco,Portland,Eugene,Seattle,Vancouver,Adult,Boise,Reno,Las Vegas,Salt,lake city,Bachelorette Party,Phoenix,Tuscon,Helena,Charlotte,Reno,albequerque,Denver,Pueblo,Bismarck,Pierre,Lincoln,Slumber Party,Omaha,Topeka,Sexual,Tulsa,Oklahoma city,Austin,Houston,Dallas,Online Catalog,Austin,passion parties,St.paul,Des moines,Naughty girl parties,st louis,For Your Pleasure Party,little rock,baton rouge,Madison,Chicago,Pleasure parties,Novelty,Indianapolis,Frankfort,Sensual,Nashville,Salt Lake,Bedroom,New Jersey,Memphis,Adultstore,Montgomery,Online Shopping,Jackson,,Lansing,Detroit,Columbus,Miami,Lingerie,Jacksonville,Romance,Orlando,Columbus,columbia,Raleigh,Charleston,Richmond,Wash dc,Long Island,Online Store,Philadelphia,New york,Manhatten,Augusta,Boulder,Louisville Boston,Hartford,Albany,Hartford,New Jersey,Kansas City,Providence,Richmond,Tacoma,Texas,California No other company or person should contact this advertiser for solicitation for any product or service
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  3. Passion Party Consultants Needed...No Experience Necessary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: Lisastoyroom@yahoo.com Date: 2004-03-22, 7:54AM PST Great $$, fun, travel, set your own hours. Work P/T or give it your all when you become a Rep for Passion Parties Inc. <img src ="C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Pictures\imag000.jpg"> http://www.thepassionreaction.com Right now Passion Parties has a special offer. You can get a consultant kit,(everything you need to start doing parties) at a great price. $250 with a 40% buying discount. This means that if you sell $500 at your party...then 40% belongs to you. That is $200. Not bad for 2-3 hours of fun night out with the girls!!! Here’s how it works..... 1. Find out everything you can about being a Rep for Passion Parties. 2. Talk to your friends, co workers, everyone..see who would book a party. 3. Make the big decision that can change your life forever. 4. Purchase your kit. 5. Book your first party. 6. Bring your sponsor, if possible,(whoever signs you up) to your party for support At the party you will... 1. Arrive early to meet your hostess. 2. Set up your display table. 3. Greet guests as they arrive. 4. Introduce yourself as a Distributor for Passion Parties Inc. 5. Pass out order forms, play games, pass products. 6. Explain how each product can benefit their lives. At the end of the party you will... 1. Take each person individually into a private ordering room. 2. Total their order forms and collect their form of payment. 3. Tell the client your delivery policy and when they can expect their products 4. Total your party sales and discuss the party credit with the hostess. The next business day you will.... 1. Transfer individual orders onto a Distributor form. 2. Call Passion Party Headquarters, (in Brisbane, Ca) and place your order. In 2-5 business days, (depending your location), you will..... 1. Receive package from Passion Parties containing your order. 2. Sort orders and bag them. 3. Send order to hostess so that she may distribute them to her guests. That’s it!! And then do it all over again the following weekend! This is my advertisement that I use to book some of my parties. (IT WORKS!!)(My ad below that I post to Craigslist) Do you like to host fun parties...Tupperware, Candle, and Lingerie parties are cool ways to get your friends together for the evening...but Passion Parties are the only way to go. Your friends will make great efforts to attend when they find out the cool products that they can learn about and purchase right in the comfort of your home. You as the hostess will receive free products too!! I come to your come with my suitcase full of fun lotions, glitters, oils, and fun bedroom toys for you and your partner. We play games and I give prizes! I give fun, informative presentations. I have been doing parties for over 3 years and would look forward to coming and sharing what I know with you and your friends. I do women only parties or for those who want to let the guys in on it, I also do co-ed parties. All orders are done in a separate room and are confidential. No one knows what you order unless you want them too. Book your party today and I will send you catalogs and party information. I look forward to booking your party asap!! My contact info: http://www.thepassionreaction.com lisastoyroom@yahoo.com Toll Free: 1-888-222-3462 Contact me ASAP if you are interested in joining my team! Please be into meeting new people, having fun while you work, making great $$, traveling, and having a business of your own!! I look forward to your responses... Sincerely, Lisa Warren "Liberating Women.... From the Bedroom to the Bank" it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests this is in or around All Areas
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