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Spaceport America has been providing commercial launch services since 2006. Phase One of the construction for the spaceport is expected to be complete in late 2011. Phase Two of the construction and pre-operations activities will follow, including the development of a world-class Visitors Experience for students, tourists and space launch customers.


The State of New Mexico entered into a 20-year lease agreement with Virgin Galactic, Spaceport America's anchor tenant. Virgin Galactic is currently developing the world's first commercial passenger-carrying space vehicle fleet, including the WhiteKnightTwo mother ship and SpaceShipTwo launch vehicle.


Officials at Spaceport America have been working closely with entrepreneurial space leaders like Virgin Galactic, UP Aerospace, and Armadillo Aerospace, as well as established aerospace firms like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Moog-FTS to develop commercial spaceflight at the new facility. The economic impact of launches, tourism and new construction at Spaceport America are already delivering on the promise of economic development to the people of New Mexico.


For more information, please visit: www.spaceportamerica.com




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I believe that once commercial spaceflight grows more into the private sector we will see more things like Spaceport America spring up and commercial Space Flight will become more cost effective for the average folk like you and me. I just hope i live to see the day trips to the Moon will be open to us all.

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