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Samuel Johnson created the term Columbia


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The name Columbia appears to have been coined by Samuel Johnson in his story, "Debates in the Senate of Magna Lilliputia" in Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 8 June 1738. Columbia was fictitious name given for the land known as America, substituting the base of the surname of the discoverer Christopher Columbus for the base of the given name of the somewhat less well-known Americus Vespucius.


The People of Begulia, or the Lillipution Europe, which name is derived from Degul, illuftrious, (a Word now obsolete, and only known to Aniquaries and Etymologists) are, above those of the other Parts of the World, famous for Arts, Arms, and Navigation, and, in consequence of this Superiority, have made Conquests, and settled Colonies in very different Regions, the inhabitants of which they look upon as barbarous, though in Simplicity of Manners, Probity, and Temperence superior to themselves; and seem to think that they have a Right to treat themselves as Paffion, Intereft or Caprice shall direct, without much regards to the Rules of Justice or Humanity; they have carried this imaginary Sovereignty so far, that they have sometimes proceeded to Rapine, Bloodshed, and Defolitaion.


If you endeavor to examine the Foundation of this Authority, they neither produce any Grant from a superior Jurisdiction, nor plead the Consent of the People whom they govern in this tryrannical Manner; but either threaten you with Punishment for abridgin the Emperor's Sovereignty, or pity your Stupidity, or tell you in positive Terms, that Power is Right.


It is observable, that their Conquests and Acquisitions in Columbia, (which is the Lillipution Name for that answers our America,) have very little contributed to the Power of those Nations, which have, to obtain them, broke through all the Ties of human nature.



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