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More Leadership Needed in America


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Guest J.H. Murdick

I would agree. There are too many leaders who have opted to be paid political analyst and pundits. It is easy to state what is wrong when there are no political points to be gained or lost in a sound byte. Our country is at a divided standstill. It is going to take a great respected leader to move our economy in the right direction.

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I really hope that it is NOT Obama. He simply does not have the Long Term Experience that others in politics have.


A majority of people don't even understand the up and coming changes that ARE about to take place with the internet itself, and the ramifications it will have on free speech, and I am not typing about Net Neutrality at all either.




I would agree. There are too many leaders who have opted to be paid political analyst and pundits. It is easy to state what is wrong when there are no political points to be gained or lost in a sound byte. Our country is at a divided standstill. It is going to take a great respected leader to move our economy in the right direction.

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The media is already beginning their massive campaign to marginalize Ron Paul's Presidential campaign for the Republican nomination in the 2012 election. After the first Republican debate on June 13th, Bill O'Reilly referred to a snap poll that declared Mitt Romney the winner with 51% of the vote and Ron Paul the loser with 0%. The very fine print on the screen said that 54 people voted in the poll that Bill O'Reilly was using to declare Romney the winner of the debate. So when hundreds of thousands of real voters support Ron Paul in a FOX News poll, the network's hosts downplay it and claim that their own poll was rigged; but when 54 Washington insiders vote for Romney and 0 vote for Ron Paul, Bill O'Reilly gives credibility to that poll in an attempt to influence his viewers into believing Ron Paul has no chance of being elected!

The mainstream media has already hand selected Romney to be their nominee in the 2012 election. No matter where you look this week, the headlines read that Romney raised $15 to $20 million in the second quarter, most of it coming from bankers on Wall Street. Meanwhile, Ron Paul has raised $4.5 million from grassroots supporters, more than Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, or anybody else that has reported so far, but nobody gives Ron Paul any credit. All of the articles written about Ron Paul call him a "long-shot", solely in an attempt to manipulate the minds of voters.

Romney's millions of dollars in donations are coming from those who benefited from the Federal Reserve's unconstitutional and criminal acts of stealing the wealth of hardworking middle-class Americans through inflation. Romney has made it very clear that he won't discuss the Federal Reserve and that he believes Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is doing a good job. The fact is, unless we address the Federal Reserve and the endless monetary inflation they are creating, no other issues matter at all.

Some of the people who benefited from the Federal Reserve's bailouts are hedging their bets and not just supporting Romney, but are supporting all of the Republican candidates other than Ron Paul. Jack Welch, former Chairman of General Electric (GE), yesterday declared Romney, Pawlenty, and Huntsman the three "real contenders" in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, saying that, "each of them has their pluses and minuses". Welch gave no mention of Ron Paul, despite the fact that he raised more money than Pawlenty and Huntsman last quarter. Welch in the same interview called Bernanke a "hero during the crisis". After all, GE would have gone bankrupt due to Welch's reckless management of the company if it wasn't for the U.S. government backing $139 billion of GE's debt during the financial crisis.

Bill O'Reilly has been trying to portray Ron Paul as some kind of a lunatic, when O'Reilly is clearly uneducated about the economic issues that matter today. In a shocking display of just how incompetent O'Reilly is, he recently played a clip of Ron Paul speaking at the June 13th debate about how the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency has become our main export in return for all of the real products we import from countries like China and Japan. O'Reilly said he was "very confused" by what Ron Paul was saying. O'Reilly apparently thinks this is normal and will be sustainable continuously forever.

In order for our movement to succeed in electing a real President like Ron Paul in 2012, we must all work together. Americans need to realize that the real war isn't CNN, MSNBC, and the Democrats vs. FOX News and the Republicans. The real information war is alternative news organizations on the Internet that speak the truth along with politicians who believe in Austrian economics and protecting the U.S. Constitution vs. CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the rest of the mainstream media, which spread false propaganda in order to support the Democrats and Republicans that have been brainwashed by our nation's colleges with Keynesian economic principles, and have put our nation on the brink of hyperinflation.
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Guest DCpages Staff

According to a new CNN Poll Interviews with 1,038 adult Americans conducted by telephone

by ORC International on September 9-11, 2011.


Who do you trust more to handle the economy -- Barack Obama or the Republicans in Congress?


Obama 46%

Republicans 37%

Both equally (vol.) 1%

Neither (vol.) 15%

No opinion 1%


The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points. The sample also includes 943 interviews among registered voters (plus or minus 3 percentage points).



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Guest Morbonzi

This is what our leaders should be discussing.


China has revealed their plan to become the world's reserve currency. They have developed their own market platform software that will be completed in November. London Bullion Market Association bullion banks will not be able to compete with their fractional reserve system. The true price of gold will stress western currency markets. Many small gold bullion investors will lose their investment during the market correction. The Federal Reserve will begin to lose leverage to adjust the value of United States currency in the face of a China gold backed currency. China will force western businesses operating in China to use their yuan as payment. As western value goes down China will have a greater opportunity to dump US Treasury bonds for gold bullion. The US will be forced to sell hard assets to cover debt interest.

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Guest We Are The 99%

The Greatest Speech Ever Made



One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on.

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Too many progressive and conservative extremist want their way or believe "your against us." There was once middle ground between sides.


I want a leader in the House and Senate that will compromise. Nancy Pelosi is extreme. John Boehner is extreme. Harry Reid is extreme. Mitch McConnell is extreme.

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Guest Jim Messina

This weekend, The New York Times Magazine ran a long analysis of the 2012 election headlined, "Is Obama toast?"


It uses a mathematical formula to conclude who will win this race.


In other words, it says neither you nor Barack Obama has a role to play in this election, because the outcome is essentially predetermined.


We disagree.


The outcome will depend on what we do every single day between now and November 6th, 2012. And I want to give you an idea of how we know that.


Our Republican opponents, from Mitt Romney and Herman Cain to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, have endorsed the same set of Tea Party policies that drive the Republicans in Washington: letting Wall Street write its own rules again and giving special treatment to millionaires and billionaires while asking seniors and middle-class families to pay for it.


All of them would return to the failed economic policies that led us into recession.


Yet the Times piece assigns each of them a score on an ideological scale, ignoring the obvious reality that there has been virtually no difference among the GOP candidates -- or between them and the Republican congressional leaders who refuse to do anything to restore economic security for the middle class.


Whoever wins the nomination will no doubt try to appear more "moderate" as they compete for undecided voters in the general election. But they have all made their positions clear. And we will hold them accountable for that.


The only true difference in this race is between their agenda and President Obama's. Facing historic challenges when he came into office, he has fought every day for a fairer economy where everybody who does their fair share gets a fair shake.


He's stood up to credit card companies to ensure they can't target consumers with hidden fees. He's stood up to insurance companies, who can no longer deny health care coverage on the basis of a pre-existing condition. He's stood up to Wall Street to end taxpayer bailouts and rein in the kind of risky financial behavior that nearly toppled our economy.


These dramatic differences between the Republican nominee and President Obama will be crystal clear to Americans as the 2012 election approaches, because our grassroots organization in all 50 states will be having conversations every single day with their friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors.


That grassroots organizational advantage is a critical factor in this election that the Times' "formula" doesn't consider at all.


More than 1 million people have already taken ownership of this campaign. Millions more are organizing their communities on behalf of the President, online and off. This weekend, we had our single biggest day of action of the campaign -- more than 2,000 volunteer events took place across the country, and more than 10,000 volunteers participated.


This work is already having an impact across the country.


We expanded the electoral map in the last election, fighting hard for -- and winning -- states like North Carolina, Colorado, and Virginia so that the entire election didn't hinge on the results in a single state, as it had in 2000 and 2004.


We have no intention of returning to the old electoral map. And the organizing you're doing means we won't have to. Today, we are showing signs of strength in states we didn't win even in the watershed election of 2008 -- states like Georgia and Arizona, where a recent poll had President Obama beating every potential Republican nominee.


The map isn't as friendly to our opponents, who won't be able to compete in traditionally Democratic states because their organization won't compare to ours. Whether you measure donors giving or doors knocked, there's grassroots enthusiasm for President Obama that the other side can't match -- but that the Times doesn't consider relevant.


The truth is this isn't the first time you've been written out of the story by many in Washington and the media -- and it's not the first time they've been completely wrong about that.


In the 2007 and 2008 campaign, almost everyone in professional politics said it wasn't Barack Obama's "turn" to be president. But millions of people like you took responsibility for the campaign -- knocking on doors, making phone calls, and donating whenever you could.


You proved everyone wrong -- not just about who was going to win the election, but about the ability of everyday Americans to come together and change the course of history.


The entire premise of the Times article is that you won't -- and can't -- do it in 2012.


The election is now less than one year away. No one thinks it will be easy. But there can be no doubt its outcome depends on how hard you and I work over the next 364 days. Right now, we're opening field offices in key states, hiring organizers, recruiting volunteers, registering voters, and getting ready for what's going to be one hell of a fight.


So, is Obama toast? It's up to you.

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Jim Moran said that the house will only work one full day in the month of January. And they are fully paid! Rublicans need to get their butts back to Washington and working on the extension of the payroll-tax holiday and unemployment insurance. Moran attempted to seek to be recognized to bring back Republicans, Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Ala, the designated speaker pro tem for the day, gaveled the session closed. The stenographer was instructed to quit taking down the floor statements for the congressional record, and C-Span TV was instructed to stop broadcasting the events.


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The Speaker decided to extend their vacation until Febuary to do the People's work. They decided not to share that with anyone and closed all doors. They are dodging fixing payroll tax cut, currency manipulation, medicare, and insider trading. The needs of the American people cannot wait. Cmon back from Las Vegas and get back to Washington. Let's not pretend to work on tax payer money when this country is in turmoil.


Watch the CSPAN video and it will get you sick.



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Here is a better description of what Republicans are doing. They are creating mock sessions every week, so the President cannot make his appointments. But, I have heard the DOJ said they cannot keep doing this nonsense and expecting the President to not make recess appointments.


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