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Osmotic Power Plants Provides Unlimited Energy


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Guest I'm Bored

Statkraft is the world’s leader in the development of osmotic power. Osmotic power is clean, renewable energy, with a global potential of 1 600 to 1 700 TWh – equal to China’s total electricity consumption in 2002.


The energy is based on the natural phenomenon osmosis , defined as the transport of water through a semi-permeable membrane. This is how plants can absorb moisture through their leaves – and retain it. When fresh water meets salt water, for instance where a river runs into the sea, enormous amounts of energy are released. This energy can be utilized for the generation of power through osmosis.

At the osmotic power plant, fresh water and salt water are guided into separate chambers, divided by an artificial membrane. The salt molecules in the sea water pulls the freshwater through the membrane, increasing the pressure on the sea water side. The pressure equals a 120 metre water column, or a significant waterfall, and be utilized in a power generating turbine. The membrane is the most essential component in the osmotic power system. Statkraft has been involved in the development of suitable membranes through several years, and in 2011 a cooperation with Nitto Denko, a world leader in membranes, were established.

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This technology is at infancy stage, but will be an investors dream in the very near future.


Fibril Boron Nitride Nanotubes (BNNT) and Fibril BxCyNz will be the basis for industry game changing revolutionary new materials and processes.

  • Ultra lightweight aerospace structures: polymer and metal matrix composites with unprecedented strength, even at high temperatures
  • Membranes, filters and catalyst: energy enhancements from filtering salt water to high temperature filters and thermal conductors
  • Killing cancer: already lab results for significant enhancement of irreversible electroporation
  • Winning sports equipment: the most advanced materials where weight, strength and endurance count



The energy potential of osmotic power is equal to 1000 nuclear generators. That could put current turbine dam energy the way of the Dodo.


The nano-assembly route using nanostructures as building blocks opens the way to studying fluid, ionic and molecule transport on the nanoscale, and may lead to biomimetic functionalities. Our results furthermore suggest that boron nitride nanotubes could be used as membranes for osmotic power harvesting under salinity gradients




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