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Guest Trump2012

Donald Trump -- real estate mogul, host of "The Celebrity Celebrity Apprentice" and possible presidential candidate served up a smorgasbord of opinions during his first substantial Granite State speech Wednesday at the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and luncheon held in Nashua, New Hampshire.


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I listened to the Speech and transcribed it for everyone to read and discuss.




Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and luncheon held in Nashua, New Hampshire


Thank You very much. It is a great honor for me to be here.


I have to tell you this is sorta where it all started for me. Because in 1989 a good friend of mine said, "Would you do me a favor and come up to New Hampshire and make a speech." And I did. It was really a speech on success. And a motivational type of speech, get people working. And I said, "What about New Hampshire? Everybody works? And we love workers. And think that is why is I like New Hampshire." Alot of Workers.


But, I made this speech and I left. I came back to New York, I heard that I was running for President. So that was the first time the I heard running for President for Donald Trump. And it was very interesting.


But, I will say that all my life, I heard that very successful people cannot run for high office. I just heard it so many times. And you know it was interesting, because no one said it would be easy. But, I had no idea I would get hammered like I have been hammered over the last three or four weeks. It is actually I think a compliment. I am not sure.


I went as an example to the Washington Speakers Bureau or a dinner in Washington. And it was very interesting. The Washington Correspondent's Dinner was packed with people. It was an amazing event actually. I had been there before. So I knew what I was getting into. Sorta the Lion's Den. But, the President got up and very respectably said things. And he said alot about me. And they were jokes. They had a picture with the White House with Trump on top of it and some other things. It was very nice. There was a comedian that got up and he started talking about me. I looked at my wife and said, "Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Am I supposed to be honored or am I supposed to hide under the table?" I listened and took it in. It was actually a little bit amazed.


I was an amazing period of time for me. Because, I am not a professional politician so it was an asset, other than our mayor, who is a great, great leader. Right. But, I think that has turned out to be largely an asset according to alot of people. I took on the President. I was very strong in saying, "Put up your birth certificate." I was very strong on it. No whether I was right about it, whether I was wrong about it. I do not care. Why not show it? Why did it take so long? I was honored that I was able to get him to do it. And I guess he will continue and that debate will rage and everything else.


But, my big thing since day one is jobs. It has been jobs. It has been the economy. I built a great business. A really great business. I built it over a period of years. It is doing unbelievably well in bad times. In bad times we made alot of really good decisions. Alot of decisions that are really terrific. And I love doing what I am doing. I have to be honest. I hate getting out of that business and doing anything else. But, Our Country is in serious, serious trouble. Like it has never been before.


The kind of numbers that we are hearing today are so unbelievable. There so incredible in size. You know 3 or 4 years ago you never heard the word trillion. Trillion. And now every thing is trillion. Deficits, debt, budgets. Its trillion. We are trillions of dollars in the hole. And alot of people don't see how to get out of it.


And you know my businesses can be good. But, my businesses won't be good if this country is going down, down, down. And it has a very big shot at doing that. And I am very no tax person. But, I can tell you if President Obama gets reelected I think taxes are going through the roof. And I do believe that he is holding them down as long as he can, because he wants to get through this election. But, I said it before, I met with a great group of folks, some of the real community leaders. And we had a very frank discussion. I said, "Look, if he gets in office I believe your taxes are going to be at a level that they have not in a long time." That is not going to be good for this country, it not going to be good for business, its not going to be good for New Hampshire. It is going to be good for no one. So we have a real problem.


And the problem we also have we do not use our best people. Negotiation is an art. I've seen it over many years. I know the guys in New York. I know the good ones. I know the bad ones. I can practically tell you who does the good deals, who does the bad deals. The fact is it is an absolute art. And we are not using our good people.


As an example, I say it all the time. China this year is going to make 300 billion dollars off off this country. Call it profit. Beyond that they are taking our jobs, because they are making our product. So they make our product, they take our jobs. They do it through the manipulation of their currency. Very simply. And then the President of China comes to the United States and we hold a beautiful evening at the White House for him. In other words, we honor a man that is taking advantage of this country. I do not blame him. If he can get away with it. Why not do it! So then they then buy our debt and we pay them interest. The whole thing is unbelievable.


You look at OPEC is doing to us. These folks sit around the table. You probably saw last week Saudi Arabia said, "Oh, there is alot of oil out there. We are cutting production. So we going to cut it back." And they cut back production, because they want to keep the prices high. Any we don't have anyone


We protect them. They pay us virtually nothing. We protect so many countries. We protect South Korea. I ordered 4000 televisions sets last year for hotels and different things. By the way I heard this hotel is in trouble. I love things that are in trouble. That is when I want to buy.(Applause)


Thank you for telling me Christian. You are the broker for this wherever you are. No I am only kidding. The food is really good. No actually I am not kidding actually. I am not kidding about that. Anyway its a nice hotel. I am going to take a tour later. I am supposed to say hello to a bunch of political leaders, while I am going to take a tour of the hotel. I am not used to that.


You look at what OPEC is doing to this country. And I always say, the worst abuser of the United States, and the word abuse is the right word to use is OPEC. the second is China. And there are many countries after that. As an example, Columbia. They are the fourth largest country in Latin America. They made last year on the United States four billion dollars. This isn't a huge country. We do not even do that much business with them. They make four billion dollars. It's like what is going on? What are we doing? We are now signing a new trade pack that I don't think in just reviewing it, is going to be good as the old one.


So, you wonder where is thinking come from? How does it happen? Then you look at the deficits and I have to say that I am a proud Republican. I am very proud of our ideals, at least most of them. And I look at plan that was put forward. I like Paul Ryan very much. But, the plan that was put forward... it was early. There was no reason to put a plan forward when they are even talking about touching Medicare at this point. There is no reason for it. So Medicare and Medicaid all of sudden come in and its put in by Republicans. And you have elections coming. The Republicans have elections coming.


And the Democrats, you talk about demigog. The Democrats are doing a number on that plan like I never have seen. So in upstate New York we lost a Congressman who decided to go on whatever it was and show what kinda great body he had. You know all about that. He was looking for people on the Internet. And they caught him. And he should be thrown out. Do we all agree? Yes. So a very popular Republican woman is running for the office. She was expected to win easily. Republican area. Easy like crazy. Well, the other day in the front page of a major newspaper there is a story where she may not win. Because, she is having a hard time defending that whole situation with Medicare.


Now, The President I am talking about negotiation. The Art of The Deal,' one of the great business books of all time. Everybody know. It is the biggest selling business book of all time. They plug that book. Alot of people they got that start, because of that book. You know. Whatever. We call it the 'Art of the Deal.' We have to let him go first. Let him come in an put up the plan. Then you can use your debt limits. And you can use all sorts of things to do what you have to do. When you look at what happened recently, when they thought is was going to be 38 billion and there was 300 million in savings. There was so many things going on and I am just saying, "What is happening! What is happening to our Country?" We have a chance to be great again. We are a debtor nation. And think of it.


I saw recently a report. We are spending two billion dollars, so Brazil, Brazil, can drill for oil. Why aren't we drilling oil? Why aren't we drilling for oil in this country? (Applause)


A friend of mine, who is doing a pretty well. And not a real rich guy, but a guy who always wanted to do this. He bought an airplane. Or he is buying one. I said, "Oh, what kind of plane is it? He tells me the name of the plane. I say,


"Where is is made?"




"Why in Brazil?"


"Because, I get 1.2 million dollar tax credit from the United States if I buy this plane."


And I am saying, "What is going on?" So we do not use our right people. I know Wall Street very well. I know all the killers, I know all the smartest guys, I know the guys who are not.


When we are negotiating against China, against South Korea, against all of these places. Why aren't we using our smartest, greatest business people? Whom, by the way, I put them against anybody. We have the best. Instead we use a diplomat. And I as I said, a diplomat. You know what a diplomat is? That is a person who studies how to be nice. (Laughter)


I don't want a nice person.(Laughter)


That is why I may not make it in terms of... I am not that nice a person. But, I tell you what I would make this country great again. That I can tell you. (Applause)


We had a great victory last week with the killing of Bin Laden. That was great. (Applause)

Enhanced Interrogation really led us to that. Now enhanced interrogation.. We are so politically correct. Nobody wants to say that. Nobody wants ever to use that. Isn't another word for that torture. And you know what, the people that I watched jumped off the World Trade Center. That was torture. So we catch this guy, They shoot him. Then they clean his body. They give him a religious ceremony. They take 45 minutes. They get... Why?... I do not understand it. I do not understand it.


In terms of torture, in terms of interrogation, we would not have caught Bin Laden without it. That is what got us to him. And were right now as you know they are under investigation. Numerous people that used enhanced interrogation. To use the nicer term after September 11. I do not think think those people should be under the kinda gun they are under. I do not think so at all.(Applause)


One of the things that has been recently been found out is that Bin Laden's plan, one of his plans, and he had many of them, was to bankrupt what was the former Soviet Union. Which he succeeded in doing. And hence it broke up and is now called Russia. Smaller version. Very powerful, but small version. That war bankrupted Russia. He wanted to bankrupt the United States. We are spending 10 billion dollars a month... 10 billion dollars on building schools, on all the other things that we are doing for Afghanistan. And for what? What are we doing?


And I heard something the other day that I have to do a little research. While we are fighting in Afghanistan, I heard that they have tremendous mineral resources in Afghanistan. I always thought, you know I look at oil, I look at Iraq, at the different countries. I see things. But, tremendous mineral resources. And you know who is in there trying to get them? China! While we are out there fighting. Spending billions and billions and billions of money. Nobody knows how much we are spending. Nobody knows. We are spending billions of dollars on fighting. China is out there trying to get its foot to get the minerals.


But, we can't build schools in our own cities. We can't build roads in our own cities.


I been to China numerous times. And I see bridges going up. I see airports going up like you would not believe. When was the last time you saw a major bridge being built in the United States? It does not happen. First of all you can't get the environmental approvals. It is impossible.


When I was over there it was very interesting. A friend of mine from China.. Hey, I respect what they do. If they can take advantage of our leaders, you know, I have great respect for that. If they can do it. There filling in a big chunk of the Ocean. And I am saying to myself, "Huh? How long did it take you to get your environmental permits? He looked at me and said, "What? What are you talking about? Donald its the ocean."


They are filling quarter mile by quarter mile. They are building a big complex. A huge thing. And they actually fill in parts of the ocean to build a new city. They build new cities in about 12 minutes. They say if they want a city, they build it the next day. Mayor, it is a little different from what we do. (Laughter)


I have gotten very many environmental awards. I don't want to sound like "Oh Gee!" I am totally into fairness. But, I have seen jobs that were going to employ thousands and thousands of people stopped, because of a blade of grass. Because it is a unique blade of grass. I have seen them stop over a certain type of fish. Over this and that. And I deal with environmental consultants all the time.


I look at them and say, "You know it is terrible. It is horrible. They are going to stop progress. Isn't that horrible?"


He "Actually Donald it is not horrible for me. Because you are paying me a fortune. And so is everyone else."


These guys go up to Albany, in the case of New York and they make the restrictions harder. The consultants that are working for you, so you have to hire them to get though this horrible situation. And in many cases you can't get through. If you are not rich, you cannot get through at all, because you cannot go through the process. I can tell you job after job after job.


It is even like drilling of oil. Where Abu Dhabi recently... they have so much energy. They have such resources. They announced that were going to have all their transportation needs done in gas. They wanted natural gas, that's it, because they are going to sell the oil to the United States and other places. And yet we are the king of natural gas. We have more natural gas than anybody.


Coal, natural gas, and wind is limited. Honestly. Solar has not been perfected and is very expensive. I know them all. I go to build a building and they say, "I want to use solar! I want to use solar!" And I am good at dollars. I look and come back. "That will take you approximately 22 years." A 22 year payback. Maybe I won't use solar. It hasn't been perfected. And it is going to get better. But we have tremendous. We are the king of coal. We are the all time of natural gas. We don't use it. Then you hear about a country Abu Dahbi using natural gas so they can sell their oil. And its just incredible for me.


I look at what is going on. I look at Pakistan. They are not our friend. I have to say if you look at Bill O'Reilly from a few weeks ago; If you look a Neal Cahoodo from not so long ago; I said, "Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan." Some of you probably heard this. And I was very loud and clear. We give Pakistan billions and billions of dollars a year. We are going to give them 3.2 billion I think they are asking now and even more. I said, "Listen, I understand something about that. You tell them we are not giving you any money unless you hand over to us Osama Bin Laden." And everybody looked at me like. Heh?


Nobody picked else picked it up. You know I make these statements, its amazing that no politician picks them up. So obviously they are not very good statements. I guess. They never get picked up. And you know when they are good they never give me credit. That is what I hate politics Meredith. When I buy a piece of real estate I own it. By that time nobody remembers that is Trump's idea. So Trump does not get any credit. I love to get credit. (Laughter) I love to get credit. But, I said right there on television. You can look over the last number of weeks. Those two shows. "Let them give us this guy." Now, if anybody thinks that they did not know that a they have a sophisticated.. somebody said many times the size of West Point. That he was sitting is in this big house. I did not think was incredibly beautiful. But you know, they made it like it was this incredible mansion. Does anyone in this room want to live in this mansion?


If anybody thinks that Pakistan, the government, did not know it was there, they are foolish. They are very foolish. They are not our friend. They are not really our enemy. But, now I say differently. I think this is very important. The bad guys could take over Pakistan very easily, very quickly. It could happen. We would not know what is going on. They have nuclear weapons. They desperately need our money. We don't give them any money unless they get rid of their nuclear weapons. Now to me I think that is so simple. (Applause)


So, I hope that it does get picked up by some of the other people. But for us to giving them money. They use it for themselves. But, they go out and they use that money for nuclear weapons. And you know what, let's say right now they are semi friendly. But, They may not be all friendly. They may be tremendously against us, including Israel. Because if that happens Israel is in really big trouble. They have serious nuclear weapons. But, they seriously need our money. That is a deal I would make. I would not veer from it. You cannot let them have those nuclear weapons.


Another one I made that some people did pick up. Some people love it, some people think it is "Oh its a sovereign nation." Iraq. We go into Iraq. We spent 1.5 trillion dollars. We have lost thousands great young men and women. We have tens of thousands of people, that are incredible people, that are horribly wounded with legs and arms missing. Just horribly wounded all over the cities. All over the cities. I see it in New York. I see it all over. And we go in, we fight and then we leave. Somebody said Democracy. Give me a break. Soon as we leave Iran is going to take over Iraq. We decapitated their armies. Its going to happen. They are already planning. I have heard they are closer to the leaders of Iraq than we are. Iran is very cunning and very smart. So they say they been fighting for years and years. For years they were about equal. They moved two feet, they go back two feet. Back, back. The war is over. For 21 years they don't fight. Then they fight again. But, now what we have done is, we have decapitated one of those countries. So Iran is going in again.


What they really want is the oil. You know that Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. 15 trillion dollars. Interestingly Meredith, it is very close to our deficit. Right? Isn't that interesting. Amazing number. So I have said to people. What is this? Maybe I am old fashioned. I say, "We're in there." And I have have good friends. They are smart people. Some are liberal, some are conservative. But alot of them are saying, "Donald are suggesting we take the oil? That's a sovereign nation." I say, "Excuse me?"


Some people love them. I say they are the smart ones. When we went into Iraq if you remember when we went into Iraq alot of so called smart ones said were saying we only did it for oil. We didn't. We weren't smart. For what? He didn't knock the World Trade Center. You like Saddam Hussein, You do not like Saddam Hussein. He did not knock the World Trade Center. He had nothing to with it. And frankly, what he did do is kill terrorist. You could not be a terrorist in Iraq. He would kill you. No trials, no nothing. He would kill you if you were a terrorist. Now Iraq is the Harvard of Terrorism. If you want to be a terrorist, you go to Iraq. Everybody says this. If you want to be a terrorist Iraq is over. Afghanistan is good too.


So we got our army over there. Somebody said we do not want to stay there longer. You know the kind of money they have over there? They have 15 trillion dollars over there. We spent 1.5 trillion dollars. I say this. At a minimum we get our money back. And we pay each one of the families of those soldiers that died a couple of million dollars. And we give our badly wounded and our wounded alot of money. It is peanuts. You are talking about peanuts compared to what the numbers are in this incredible oil reserve. Incredible. And we pay those families back. Now people say to me "You can't do that, because of the sovereignty of the Nation."


But, let me ask you this when the families of those fallen soldiers are sitting home watching television in a couple of years from now. After we're done. Because they are not going in when we are there. But we have an appetite to get out. Then we are never going to go back, because we don't have that stomach. When the families of those soldiers of those great soldiers are sitting home a couple of years from now. When Iran takes over Iraq and takes over the oil and tells the rest everybody how stupic the United States is. Which is absolutely what will happen,

they might be right. How do you think the parents of that 22 year old soldier? How do you think the parents are going to feel about that? Because those soldiers will have died in vain. And again, all of the wounded, all of the money. What a terrible, terrible situation.


I made alot of good predictions. I had a book and made alot of predictions in the book. Alot of them came true. I said terrorism is going to happen, I said you are going to have a market crash. I am not saying I am a great psychic, but I have a good instinct for things. I think most good business people do. That's why. We are little ahead of the curve in alot ways. I have a good instinct for things.


I said terrorism is going to be a factor. That was 10 or 11 years ago. I said we are going to a great crash. And we really did have a great crash. We can have a second big crash. If gasoline does not go down substantially we are gotta have a second crash. If oil is going to stay above $100, which I think its going to for awhile. I think its going higher. We can have a real problem. We can have a real second dip as they call it.


So, I know how to deal with OPEC, I know China. By the way I had I made alot of money. I am very proud of myself. I made alot of money. And I know how to deal with these people. They are smart, they are cunning, and they are not our friends. Remember that. They are not our friends at all.


So I am thinking about running. I must be honest. It is tough, because I am very anti-establishment. That even includes the Republicans. For instance, I have great respect for Paul Ryan, but I would not have done it the way he did it. Too early. Too soon. There was no reason for him to do it. Let the other guy lead them in. Then you let someone go in and make the country great again.


But, I am very anti-establishment. I see even Republicans taking a shout at me. What really did I say today that people can take a shout out to me. I want to take care of our fallen soldiers. I want to take care of our people. I want the oil. I want reimbursement to us. And by the way to other countries that helped us, like Britian and other countries. I want to take advantage of the situation over there.


What when you think about. What is controversial?


So I go back and I am a Republican. I have not even announced if I am running. And I think even the Republicans don't like it. Because I am not in that club. I am not in that club. You can't be in that club. And that club is not what is going to make us, in my opinion, a great country again. We have tremendous potential, tremendous unbelievable potential. If we had the right people. If we knew what we are doing. We cannot let China drain us. We cannot let OPEC drain us. We cannot let South Korea drain us.


When I ordered the 4000 televisions. I said find an American company. I want to find an America that makes them. We have the greatest people. Nobody could do it. I need 4000 televisions. That's alot of televisions. So we got LG from South Korea. And it is interesting, because you know South Korea. We have thousands of soldiers between North and South Korea. And you know what happened? We are all set to sign this agreement. And they say, "No, No. We do not want it!"

Barron Trump, who is my four year old son, would not have agreed to that agreement for the United States. That is how the bad the agreement was. But, South Korea it was not good enough for them. They embarrassed the President by not signing that agreement


A couple days later some bombs started getting lobbed over South Korea by North Korea. And we send this magnificent aircraft carrier, the George Washington. Like incredible. And 17 destroyers and boats, an armada. Just to turn on the engine is probably two thousand bucks. Ok. Two million dollars. So we are sending this big armada over there costing a fortune. And North Korea says ok we don't want to mess with you. We will stop bombing them.


South Korea said, "But, we want to sign your agreement. It a wonderful agreement. You are our ally. You are our great friend." How stupid are we? They wouldn't do it. All of sudden as soon as the bombs got lofted they say, "Please send it over here immediately. Who is going to notarize the agreement for me? Ok?" So we have to use our heads. South Korea makes a fortune selling televisions and lots of other things. They have to pay us alot of money for protection. They have to pay us. We can't protect them. What are we protecting them for? So they can make money on the United States.


Unfortunately, the politician is not going to say what I am saying. I guess it does not work, probably does not work. I do not know why. If you spoke to South Korea they will say we are not going to be enemies. There going to say that we finally we got smart. They are actually going to have more respect. You ever see that.. alot of business people in the room. When you are firmly in touch with someone. When you are firm and tough with someone, you actually build a good relationship, because they respect you. Whereas if you make a lot more money

Right now they do not respect this country. They do not respect our leaders. They do not respect what we are doing. And right now this country is going to be going over a cliff.


Now Just in closing, I think we are going to take a couple of questions.


I want to say I honestly believe that the upcoming election, if not the, is one of the most important elections ever in this country's history. We have a chance to be great. We have a chance to be an unbelievable power again. And I am talking from an economic standpoint.


I don't want China and Afghanistan. Why isn't China is helping with Libya. You know who get's alot of oil from Libya? Not the United States. We get nothing. China. Why aren't they involved?

We don't have the right leaders. They don't see it. Now if I run and if I win, and that is a big if, this country will be great again. This country will rich again. And maybe... most importantly of all this country will be respected again.


Thank you very much.

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Guest Popeye

Is this joker for real? He does not even know the name of the White House Correspondent's Dinner that he attended. He says that he is anti establishment. Does he know what that means. I am not voting for a person that actually admits that he is not that nice a person. His plan for saving the country is holding Afganistan and Iraq hostage for there minerals. And He wants our allies to pay us protection money. Peace through strenth diplomacy is outdated as his hairstyle.

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Guest VoteRonPaul

Mr. Trump has some good points that everyone talks about. We went to war in Iraq and now have to deal with the headache. Using our military costs the taxpayer billions of dollars, and risks lives of our soldiers. We need better judgment. Donald Trump is clearly not able to see and understand real world situations in front of him.


We need a leader who is seasoned to defend our personal and economic liberty. Watch the mini debate with presidential candidate, Ron Paul, and a professional pundit, Chris Mathews.



May 13th, 2011 MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews


The best part is when Ron Paul dispels the racism myth that surrounds him. He defends property rights of all races. He admits that the War on Drugs is a lost cause that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars. When we could be using the money to better educate our children.

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Guest Luke

She may be the next Sarah Palin



Statement of Donald Trump


"After considerable deliberation and reflection, I have decided not to pursue the office of the Presidency. This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country.


"I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election. I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half heartedly. Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.


"I want to personally thank the millions of Americans who have joined the various Trump grassroots movements and written me letters and e-mails encouraging me to run. My gratitude for your faith and trust in me could never be expressed properly in words. So, I make you this promise: that I will continue to voice my opinions loudly and help to shape our politician's thoughts.


"My ability to bring important economic and foreign policy issues to the forefront of the national dialogue is perhaps my greatest asset and one of the most valuable services I can provide to this country. I will continue to push our President and the country's policy makers to address the dire challenges arising from our unsustainable debt structure and increasing lack of global competitiveness.


"Issues, including getting tough on China and other countries that are methodically and systematically taking advantage of the United States, were seldom mentioned before I brought them to the forefront of the country's conversation. They are now being debated vigorously. I will also continue to push for job creation, an initiative that should be this country's top priority and something that I know a lot about. I will not shy away from expressing the opinions that so many of you share yet don't have a medium through which to articulate.


"I look forward to supporting the candidate who is the most qualified to help us tackle our country's most important issues and am hopeful that, when this person emerges, he or she will have the courage to take on the challenges of the Office and be the agent of change that this country so desperately needs.


Thank you and God Bless America!"


Donald J. Trump

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