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New York Stock Exchange Sold to German Bank

Guest Jesse

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How is this happening? Do people even care that our country is being sold right under our noses.




Germany's Deutsche Boerse AG, the company that runs the stock exchange in Europe's largest economy, could soon take over the New York Stock Exchange.


NYSE Euronext Inc., which also operates exchanges in Europe, said Wednesday it is in "advanced discussions" about a possible merger with Deutsche Boerse, owner of the Frankfurt stock exchange.


The new company would have dual headquarters in New York and Frankfurt.

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Looks more like this deal will be going through. The New York Stock Exchange will be managed by 10 directors from Deutsche Börse and 7 from NYSE Euronext.


While Deutsche Börse shareholders will own 60% of the new company, they aren't taking over the NYSE. That's the message Duncan Niederauer, the CEO of NYSE Euronext, has trotted out repeatedly today. "It isn't a sale….[The combined company] will be owned 55% by U.S. shareholders. Doesn't sound like a takeover to me," Niederauer explained carefully on CNBC. "It is a merger; it is a combination -– I don't know how many times I have to say it," he said in a press conference today.



Will it be called the World Stock Exchange?


I am sure that people will not be using the "Let the Market decide our fate" slogan anymore.

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