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White Women Slavery Market


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The international messages to the first ladies of the world


My great dear : the first honorable ladies of the world :


It is a historical occasion of the history from the presence of the noble and magnanimous leaders of the greatest countries of the security council and the brave knights the secretary general of the united nations and the other leaders of the world also, so their respectable and honorable wives( the first ladies ) must fight for the human rights of the women to fight against the cancer ,the fatal diseases and against uses of the bodies of the wives, sisters ,daughters ,mothers in the new white slavery markets ,to liberate them and to protect them with their children and the grandsons also from the inevitable ( unavoidable ) death.


From the exigent necessity to confess for the protections for the different rare races of the nations of the world and to save for the real freedoms to worship the God for the different worship religions rights ,and to save for the innocent martyrs their legal human rights even after the death ,I ask your noble conscious to promulgate with the united nations and with the security council also new international strong laws to decrease the terrorist actions in the future because I feel always your jealousy for our human civilizations .



with the best regards from the dr. Antoine Sayegh

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