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    The certificates of dr. Antoine sayegh :
    the special ( CV ) curriculum vitae

    1 .in 1982 I got the certificate of MD ( medical doctor ). For 6 years with high marks especially in the last year of the studding in the faculty of medicine in Aleppo university and the faculty gave me many certificates :
    1.special certificate in surgery because my marks were over 90/100 .
    2.a gift certificate for particle experience in medicine from Yugoslavia in novi sad city from its hospital .
    3.certificate for medical language of my high marks in its examinations .
    4. certificate in the (6) last year as experience for my high marks in this year because I was the first student in this year .
    2 . I study 3 years in Aleppo university for high education in internal medicine, I passed all examinations with high marks and I made the last examination in Damascus in ministry of health ,and I got the certificate in internal medicine in the 1986 the degree as master in internal medicine in the year 1983, I worked in homburg university in the department of hematology with prof .dr. Ernest Wenzel and in 1984 I worked in the cardiology department for the adults with prof .dr. Bette and I got many experiences in the part of the kinder Klink for congenital heart disease with pro .dr .dr .Fried. Carl. Sitzmann he gave many also experience certificates .
    3 . I made many researches in my clinic and I got many certificates one from the minister of high education in the scientific week in the year 1992 of great honor and in the year 1995 I got a certificate from the minister of the health for 2 researches with the gift of Basel honor in the medical researches
    4 . from the year 1987 to the year 1989 I teach in the Aleppo university in the medium medical institute for health: biochemistry, Anaestasia , nursery ,radiology and emergency cases
    In the celebration after 25 years of the experiences in the works of the medical fields from Aleppo university from the faculty of medicine and I was one of the honored physicians
    5.my addresses . clinic jabrrhei akhras street over the pharmacy artinian tel 00963 21 4657800
    Aleppo Syria
    house . tajmil al jalla near moukhtarian school mardini building tel 00963 21 2333183 Aleppo Syria .
    6.my e-mails
    7. mobile 00963 955968573
    8.my website :
    9.My publications in the local journals
    1.the arrhythmias in the patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases 1992 in the book 4 part 2 of the international scientific week the 32 in Damascus ( under direction of the high education minister).
    2.practical study on VERPAMIL 40mg -80 mg in Syria 1995 in the local journal of the health ( under direction of the health minister ).
    3.new indication of ( SYPHCOFLEX ) in the patients with the parietal chest pain 1995 in the local journal of the health ( under direction of the health minister ).
    4.new treatment with nebulizer for inhaled ALBUTEROL 1997 in the local Syrian –Germany symposium in Damascus.

    My last works and the activities :

    1.the medical theories :

    1.the dr. Antoine sayegh new theory in cancer.
    2.the dr. Antoine sayegh new genetic constitutions.
    3.the Symann syndrome ( the Sayegh-Sitzmann) Syndrome.
    4.the interpretation of dr. Antoine sayegh for the proteasome mechanism.
    5.the escape phenomena of the aids virus for the dr. Antoine sayegh.
    6.the interpretation of the secret of the live and the death from the dr. Antoine sayegh
    7.many theoretic researches in the treatments for the aids ,for the cancer ,and for the genetic diseases .

    2. the international medical participations in :

    1. the telephone work shop for cancers from the international (Cancer Care) .
    2.the webinar for the international genetic engineering biotechnology .GEN webinar, Science Careers webinar, ALT webinar, AAA webinar
    3. the international campaigns against cancer with livestrong.
    4.many invitations to participate in the international conferences for the aids ,the cancers ,and for the genetic diseases from many countries of the world.
    5.many nominations for an international awards from many cancer centers especially from my nomination from my pro .dr. F. C. Sitzmann for Albert Szent Gyrgyi awards from NFCR.

    3.my other international participations : as a member or colleague ,or registered member:

    1.with many offices of the united nations .as example :

    a. the office of Genève (UNOG).
    b. the global reporting initiative (GRI).
    c. the security council report
    c. the united nation global compact.
    d. united nation Environment program (UNEP).
    e. the united nation human development report(UNDP).
    f. My global fund.
    g. ESCKWA,UN news ,UN wire
    h. international court of justice.
    i. international criminal court .
    j. world health organization(WHO).
    k. icgeb. UN aids. UN general assembly ,UN the regional of Europe
    l. united nations Galaxy e-staffing system.
    m. united nations office drug and crime (UNODC).
    n. united nations headquarters in New York.
    o. many other offices of the united nations .

    2.with many organizations for the human rights . as examples :

    a. Amnesty international.
    b. physician for human rights.(PHR)
    c. international physician for prevention nuclear wars (IPPNW).
    d. green peace .
    e. human rights watch (HRW).
    f. international justice mission.
    g. the global climate .
    h. many other human rights organizations.

    3.with many international research centers for aids ,for cancer ,and for genetic disorders : as example :
    a. IUSTI.( the international union against sexually transmitted infections)
    b. international union against cancer (UICC).
    c. American cancer society. American association for cancer research
    d. center for disease control and prevention (CDC).
    e. iarc ( international agency for research on cancer )
    f. science AAA ( American association for the advancement of science ) .
    g. FP7 program of the European commission .
    h. ESGCT( the European society of gene and cell therapy) .
    i. technology strategy board.
    g. European association for cancer research (EACR).
    K. national foundation for cancer research(NFCR).
    L. national cancer institute (NCI).
    m. proposal CENTRAL application system.
    n. association for international cancer research (aicr).
    o. Saarland university .
    p. National Human Genome Research Institute.
    r. NIH ,NIAID,NHLBI, Canadian institute of health research, SREC, Nobel prize foundation, Marie curie foundation, INSTITUTE CURIE.
    s. many other medical research centers .

    4.in my country Syria :

    1. I am a member in the scientific committee of the Aleppo department of the Syrian medical association .
    2. I am a member of the SADU ( the Syrian graduates from German universities )
    5.the international association of internists recognized me as

    With the best regards from the dr. Antoine sayegh
  1. E-mails:







    the websites :



    with the best regards from the dr. Antoine Sayegh

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  3. The international messages to the first ladies of the world My great dear : the first honorable ladies of the world : It is a historical occasion of the history from the presence of the noble and magnanimous leaders of the greatest countries of the security council and the brave knights the secretary general of the united nations and the other leaders of the world also, so their respectable and honorable wives( the first ladies ) must fight for the human rights of the women to fight against the cancer ,the fatal diseases and against uses of the bodies of the wives, sisters ,daughters ,mothers in the new white slavery markets ,to liberate them and to protect them with their children and the grandsons also from the inevitable ( unavoidable ) death. From the exigent necessity to confess for the protections for the different rare races of the nations of the world and to save for the real freedoms to worship the God for the different worship religions rights ,and to save for the innocent martyrs their legal human rights even after the death ,I ask your noble conscious to promulgate with the united nations and with the security council also new international strong laws to decrease the terrorist actions in the future because I feel always your jealousy for our human civilizations . http//:antsay.webs.com with the best regards from the dr. Antoine Sayegh