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Russia may create its own nuclear missile defense shield

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Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has warned NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on Monday that his country will be forced to create a nuclear missile defense shield if the nation is not included in plans or given an equal role in the European missile defense shield. Medvedev says he wants a "unambiguous answer" from NATO.


"Our partners have to understand that we do not want this simply to have some common toys that NATO and us can play with, but because we want adequate protection for Russia. So this is not a joking matter. We expect from our NATO partners a direct and unambiguous answer. Either we agree to certain principles with NATO, or we fail to agree, and then in the future we are forced to adopt an entire series of unpleasant decisions concerning the deployment of an offensive nuclear missile group," said Medvedev in a statement to the press.


If no agreement with NATO is reached, Russia will deploy their nuclear missiles, creating their own defense shield. "In either case, we are either together with NATO, or we separately find an adequate response to the existing problem," added Medvedev.


According to NATO's website, the defense system being designed "is to protect NATO-deployed forces against short- and medium-range ballistic missile threats up to 3000-kilometer range." NATO also says it is currently engaged in talks with the Russian government, "examining possible areas for cooperation on territorial missile defence" and that they "invite Russia to cooperate with this system and to share in its benefits."


The warning comes as NATO says they are ready to computer test a portion of the system in Germany. "In some days, Germany will host a demonstration organised on the occasion of the achievement of the initial operational capacity of NATO's theatre missile defence system," said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General. The test will not include any live missiles. The test is scheduled to take place on January 27.

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