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Business and Union Leaders Need to Find Common Ground


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I think by now everyone know that business and union leaders find themselves at odds with each other. This division is one of the reasons so much manufacturing has been outsourced. Both need to come to grip to the fact that our economy is getting cannibalized sector by sector by foreign competition.


The first thing that should be discussed is the ITC report that our foreign competitors are stealing our ideas and making money off of them. They use American companies marketing power to gain interest on a particular good and then take them out.


The second thing should be discussed is how this is going to effect our military in the future. We no longer have the arsenal for democracy. We do not even make light bulbs anymore. How can we expect to defend our interest in the future.


The third thing is how the government should not be penalizing industries with regulation enforcement. Instead they should be researching and implementing solutions that take care of the problem at little to cost of the manufacture in accordance to the amount of jobs that may be lost.


The fourth thing is excess. Workers and Business leaders both need to take a reasonable pay cut to compete with our foreign competition.


The fifth things is to review historical documents of past American business strategy. Just go to Hershey Park or Disney World and see what the company vision has done for the community that surrounds it.


Please feel free to add on.

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