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Celebrate America This Holiday Season


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A Maryland-based ornament design company, announced it has generated record sales this season following its initiative to focus exclusively on made-in-America Christmas Tree ornaments, including a unique line of USA-themed ornaments like the George Washington Monument Holiday Ornament. Holiday season sales are up 6%, according to A Christmas Ornament Co., as consumers increasingly look to American-made products rather than those made overseas, in an effort to slow the trend of outsourcing American jobs and manufacturing.


“Buying American is a consumer decision, representing the only way we can keep manufacturing jobs in the United States,” commented Luke Wilbur, CEO of A Christmas Ornament Co. “During this Holiday Season, many are suffering as a result of the challenging economy, and many of us have family members who have seen their jobs outsourced to other countries. The holidays are an ideal time to think about helping your fellow Americans, and this is just one small way. We exclusively sell Christmas ornaments sourced from manufacturers, artists, design houses, machinists, materials and inks made in the United States. We are doing our part to keep jobs in America and restore pride in superior American craftsmanship, and as evidenced by our sales growth even during this slow economy, that message is resonating with American consumers."


Outsourcing of American manufacturing has had a devastating impact on the US economy, yet big box retailers continue to import billions of dollars of foreign made goods, many of which are poor in quality. A recent Adweek Media/Harris Poll found that three in five Americans (61%) say they are more likely to purchase something when the ad touts it is “Made in America.” While it is clear Americans want to buy products made in the USA, they are often left without an alternative. Americans are forced to perpetuate this cycle when they can't find American-made goods.

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Guest 2010 Christmas

National Pride is alive and well according to one poll. For US natives, buying USA products materials and labor at Christmas is worth every dollar.


61 percent of Americans said they are more likely to purchase a product when it's advertised as "Made in America" while only 3 percent are less likely to buy it. (For 35 percent of U.S. adults, "Made in America" doesn't influence them either way.)


...read the entire article here

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I like what this person had to say:



"The Few The Proud the Americans


I wish more companies would respect consumer's desire for "PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA" labeled and advertised products. Christmas used to boost our economy through thriving transaction activity. If most of those transactions are now funneled away from our economy, than we are giving all we have to China for Christmas. I think our future generations deserve more. Nobody is giving cheap foreign-made gifts, but the money people spend on decorations all goes to countries that don't even celebrate Christmas.


Make red, green, white, and blue your true Christmas colors!"

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Guest Mike Sachoff

2010 Holiday Spending Reaches $16 Billion


Online spending for the first 33 days of the November-December 2010 holiday season (Nov 1 - Dec 3) has reached $16.8 billion, representing a 12 percent increase over the same time period last year.


The most recent week saw four individual days surpass $800 million in spending, led by Cyber Monday, which became the heaviest online spending day on record at $1.028 billion. Tuesday, November 30 reached $911 million, making it the third heaviest online spending day on record, while Wednesday ($868 million) and Thursday ($850 million) also reached high levels, although growth rates for the season subsided in the latter half of the week.


Cyber Monday kicked off the most recent work week with an all-time record of more than $1 billion in e-commerce spending, representing a strong 16-percent growth rate versus year ago.


(..reference CLICK HERE)

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