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America Needs Inspiration From Our Leaders


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Now is the Season of Thanksgiving and Good Will towards others. We need to believe in ourselves as a nation. The United States is the greatest country in the history of mankind. Our leaders need to express that.


We need to believe that it will only get better.


We need to believe in the greatness of ourselves.


I have traveled around the world and I still kiss the ground of our great nation. I thank my Creator for giving me the privilege of living the American Dream.




The world is not against us. The American dream is envied all over the world. But, foreign states have their own self interest and do not like our nation encroaching on them. I can understand that. In rebuttal, foreign countries at times encroach on us. They own property on our soil and control the market. But, we tend not to have the same rights of ownership in their country.




China does not allow more than 50 percent ownership in anything in their country. Why should we allow the Chinese to own more than 50 percent of anything in OUR country? China's desire to control our markets and goes against the tenets the PRC preaches. But, maybe it is not China's fault at all.


I have a theory that Capitalism is encroaching on China's Communism and Facism is the result.


There are many paths to Tyrants


We live in the age of the Multinational Corporation. For this reason alone corporations should never have such power. This was the dream of Hitler. Government should never have such power. This was the dream of Stalin. Kings should never have such power. Religion should not have such power. We know what happens individuals take absolute control.


Democracy fell in Greece. The Republic fell in Rome. The Grand Experiment of the United States and it division of powers will be threatened if corporations should ever be considered citizens. Corporations should never have a vote. Only its tax paying members that are United States citizens that live on our soil should ever have the right to vote.


Foreign corporations should never have influence on our elections. It is in our National Public Interest to know how foreign nations might be influencing us. What is there motif? Will it weaken our defenses? Are they trying to get us to forget how to defend our selves.


We need to honor our tax paying Seniors with what was promised to them. In return we will get the wisdom of their life experiences. Learn from from their sacrifice. We need to understand the great wars from their perspective.


Many elders I have spoken with have a 'Can Do' spirit. They fear our generation is losing it. They told me that fair trade means fair pay for those who do the labor of products and services. We need to incorporate that world wide. Otherwise, we need to incorporate a standard commodity price and wage on all goods and services that exported to the United States. If they fall way below the national average, then a tariff is placed on the goods. One elder said that we would not have this problem if consumers just demanded goods made in America.


I think we need to listen to our Senior Citizens and start rebuilding a better nation. We should establish a period of three months for election bantering. After that, the elected public servants need to come together for the benefit of their area an our nation. Positive ideas from Americans across the country are happening. We just need to promote them.

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Guest Indiwade

I am sure the Mr. Trump knows more than me but I have been saying the same thing for the last 3 years! Not only for the fake low currency level they keep their YUAN but also for the fact that we can not sell nearly as much to them because they are so restrictive and their people to poor to buy what we have to sell. The world trade agreement only hurt America it has never helped us at all.

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Wrong. December 17, 1992 President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas signed NAFTA. On August 2, 2005 Presidents George W. Bush, Francisco Flores of El Salvador, Ricardo Maduro of Honduras, Abel Pacheco of Costa Rica, Enrique Bolanos of Nicaragua, and Alfonso Portillo of Guatemala signed DR-CAFTA.

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Why you blame free trade? Why can't you blame US not being competitive? Locking self down isn't a solution. Believe or not China once did that long before this country had a single shred of foundation and they fell for quite long time.

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Well! Just to let you all know what I've been up too "Sorta".


Working on a project to get businesses to come to this country, and where it will be mutually beneficial for this countrys' economic national security as well.


<Not doing it for free either. Just so we clearly understand each other.



Some how I always get into the hardcore stuff, bad luck? I am not playing at all.>


This post is NOT MEANT for the kids who come to post on this web site.

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The main point of the people who have lived before us includes this fact: When the wealthy rulers were unable to keep the poor working then the "times had to change". In other words, it is obvious that history repeats itself. People get tired of meagerly getting by when there are a few percent of rich ruling in favor of their wealth and gain. Democracy is to rule for the group not for the few. Good rulers throughout history have always given of their own wealth to accomplish great feats. A working revolution has always had to change the structure of power and wealth with other regimes, even the military quits participating when they see the unfairness of a government.

Inspiration is not with words but with action. The spiritual power of a nation is within the meek and those who have to live on hope of a Change. It is more fair to tax the wealthy than to keep taxing the poor----------think Robin Hood. How does this type of selfish gain cause a fall? Scientifically, a point of homeostasis is always sought where a balance occurs. It will continue to get worse until some heavy weights on the side of the wealthy powers are equalized for the sake of the poor, overworked and unemployed.

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