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World Energy Needs

Regan Walter

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The world energy needs have reached an ever time high. This has led to a growth in demand for energy resources. The traditional sources of energy, i.e. fossil fuels are reaching extinction with the growing demand. As such there is a shift towards the other sources of energy which is the need of the hour. A key alternate source of energy is the renewable energy sources, which can be reproduced on extinction.


The energy sector is today showing a high potential for growth. The returns are not just high but also easily realizable. Some of the returns being realized take as few as 60 days of a project's completion. The world energy research enables the investors to invest easily and profit in the best way.


Today it is one of the most profitable sectors and stays unaffected from the ongoing recession. The World Energy Research profits the investors to further reduce their exposure towards the vulnerabilities of the market using investment tools such as Direct Deeded Working Interest (DDWI).

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Is your bank in New Zealand (NZ) recognized by United States Federal Reserve? Is your bank publicly financially backed?


World Energy Holdings, one of the largest and most prestigious renewable energy firms in the world, is currently in the process of obtaining the requisite licenses to enable it to establish World Energy Bank . To be based in multiple jurisdictions (not including New Zealand), World Energy Bank will provide clients with a secure means of offshore banking capabilities, relationship management services, 24/7 online banking, wealth management advice, protection planning and potential tax benefits. Clients will enjoy access to one of the most complete networks of offshore banking services available. Benefits of Offshore Banking

  • Reduced taxes on earnings – World Energy Bank’s staff of offshore banking experts will offer advice on reducing the taxes paid on your offshore income. Certain countries allow complete exemptions, while others require taxes to be paid on a portion of earnings. World Energy Bank will offer advice to ensure that its clients are able to take advantage of every opportunity available to them based on the laws of their country of residence.
  • Interest earned deposited directly into your account – Certain countries require their banks to automatically tax interest earned over a certain amount. World Energy Bank operates outside of these particular jurisdictions which enables us to direct 100% of your interest income into your account.
  • International money transfers – offshore accounts enjoy the convenience of quick and easy international transactions. All of World Energy Bank’s wire transactions will be secure and capable of being handled in any currency that is desired.

As an account holder, you have the option of using any one of the many offshore banking facilities that we offer. We are confident that World Energy Bank will set new standards in terms of security, consumer-friendly tools, and customer service.

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