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How to stop Gulf of Mexico oil leak/stopping the oil spill

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My personal thought is to cut the top of the pipe(s) off clean, use a machine to make threads on the outside of the pipe (easily done) and screw a like-threaded cap onto the newly machined threads as if it were a screw top on a coke or wine bottle.


What is YOUR idea or a good idea that you've heard??


All comers welcome!

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Guest Steve St. Aubin

I think the nuclear option is worth considering too - it wouldn't be a giant hydrogen bomb you could see from space, it would be more like a briefcase sized object. "Low yield" I think the term is...

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They should use the SGP system, this system is perfect for deep water recovery. The problem is everyones solution is on how to cap this thing and that is not what we should do right now.

The SGP system will allow them to recover 100% of the oil now spilling into the Gulf and pipe it to waiting tankers, or cap it if thats what the Government and/or BP wants to do. With the amount of money BP has sunk in to getting the oil this far and the costs they are now facing, it is only logical that they should want to sell this oil.

The SGP system connects to the pipe now flowing, without threading, and pipes the oil in the direction thay need it to go, through pipes, to the surface.

The problem with deepwater recovery is the pressure from the depths and the pressure from the oil flowing out now, along with having to do everything with ROVs. SGP systems don't even have to deal with pressure flow or ice crystal problems, I am suprised nobody has even mentioned the SGP system, this IS an instant fix to the problem and they still recover the oil, and really, I can't believe they would even entertain the idea of shooting golf balls and old tires into this well...



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