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Guest Tea Party Patriot

The first-ever National Tea Party Convention meets in Nashville, TN, today for its first full-day session. The conference brings together activists and affiliated groups seeking to build influence and gain momentum for the Tea Party movement. Today's program includes a dinner discussion led by Fox News' Angela McGlowan and World Net Daily's Joseph Farah. Fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) addresses the group tomorrow night.

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Guest Sarah Palin is an Idiot

At the White House Press Briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs jokingly mocked Sarah Palin, for writing notes on her hand at last week's Tea Party Convention, with a grocery list and the words change and hope in case he "forgot".


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Guest cuff1957

Lets face the facts if she wasn't a milf who would care what this fruit cake has to say,#1 she is a quitter,she layed down on the people of Alaska,and #2 she uses cheat notes on her left hand,boy is this country fraked up it doesn't matter which way we vote.

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Congressional Republicans are blindly following Sarah Palin, her merry band of Tea Partiers and special interest fat cat friends right off the cliff by publicly calling for the end of Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

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I was going to ask what a milf is? But I just looked it up online, and tsk,tsk,tsk on you.



In any case your side "Democrats" have posted online the white house telephone numbers, including the president of the United States number, when the republicans were in office.


Which was not only stupid and illegal, but it also gave the hackers a rudimentary understanding of the white house telephone directory, and computers.



Lets face the facts if she wasn't a milf who would care what this fruit cake has to say,#1 she is a quitter,she layed down on the people of Alaska,and #2 she uses cheat notes on her left hand,boy is this country fraked up it doesn't matter which way we vote.

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Guest Constitutionalist

Our Nation Is Out of Control
Constitutionally, Economically & Ethically
Billion dollar bailouts, federal spending into debt that enslaves our children, trillions spent on wars in places most Americans can't find on a map or tell you why we are there, the Bill of Rights -- intended to protect our God-given individual rights as a free people -- now ignored on a daily basis, have eroded our Republic.

Your 1st Amendment Solution Denied
All Three Branches of Government Refuse to Respond
Brave Americans have done their duty as free men and women and exercised our most profound 1st Amendment right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." For 14 years and counting, Bob Schulz and the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education have been serving Petitions for Redress to the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches of our government. The lengthy record of these unanswered grievances and violations makes CC2009 necessary.

What Is Continental Congress 2009?
Tradition, Necessity & Legal Process Merge
For two weeks in November, delegates representing The People of the fifty states will join together in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and their Continental Congress of 1774. Continental Congress 2009 will convene as a national assembly of We The People and attest to the increasing abuses of our Governing Documents. Together, we will decide what peaceful, legal steps can be taken to bring about compliance with our Freedom documents.
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Guest Alan Albert

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'The Tea Party Is Not Going Anywhere'


MORAN: Governor Schwarzenegger, is the Republican Party, your party, the party of no right now?


SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, you know, they have the big opposite position. I mean, because first when it come to the party itself, they have to do everything they can in order to win in November. So they’re going to say no to everything, they’re going to say it is not good but Obama is –


MORAN: So they are the party of no.


SCHWARZENEGGER: They’re the party of no, and at the same time, I think that there are a lot of people that are disenchanted and dissatisfied and they’re angry and this is why you have the Tea Party and all of those things. The Tea Party is not going to go anywhere. I think the Tea Party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction and I see it in California when people come up to me and says, you know I’m angry that you guys don’t get along in Sacramento. I’m angry that they’re not getting along in Washington. I’m angry that nothing gets done. I’m angry that I’m unemployed. I’m angry that people are losing homes. I’m angry that businesses are losing their businesses and all of those kind of things. And the economy is down.


But that’s only the case in California. That’s not only the case in America. That’s the case all over the world. If you read six newspapers from different parts of the world, you will see the headlines are pretty much the same. They’re all angry at their leaders because the economy is down and the world basically has one-third less wealth right now. And so that makes people angry.



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Guest Keiron Jackman

The most revealing aspect of this protest is the gullibility of the political right, namely the republican masses. They participated in a protest under the facade of a Tea Party, in which there was no similarity in principle. The Boston Tea Party was a protest of taxes that were levied by an essentially foreign government without due representation and to make it worse the revenue generated from the unrepresented tax was not righteously applied toward the benefit of the colonies. Since the passage of the stimulus package 90 percent of Americans are paying less taxes, with the richest 10 percent paying a slight increase. Thus a majority of the protesters, if not all, are misguided and misinformed about their directly-elected officials passing a significant tax reduction, not a foreign body that uses the taxes for their sole benefit. The only people with a legitimate argument are the demagogues and radio talking heads themselves who were present at these protests that are making more than 5 times the average protester.



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The incomes of the very rich in the US grew phenomenally between 1992 and 2007, while their tax rates plummeted, according to recently uncovered IRS statistics.


The figures were published on the IRS web site in December of 2009, but received little notice because they were not announced. The report only became widely known when Tax Analysts, a news outlet for tax information, discovered the document and wrote about it on its web site, tax.com, on Thursday.







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One of the co-founders, Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots emerges as face of Tea Party movement.




Meckler, who describes himself as a “natural networker,” quickly beganworking to link up organizers and solidify the Tea Party movement. Hehelped organize a statewide Tax Day Tea Party on April 15 and then wasasked to become the state coordinator for the national effort.


“I'm the guy who always raises his hand,” he said. “That's how I got ‘catapulted' to the forefront. It's very unglamorous work.”


Afterthe nationwide protests drew what Meckler said was an estimated 1.2million participants, a decision was made to form the Tea PartyPatriots.


“Some of us weren't willing to let it die,” he said.


Mecklerstresses three primary themes for Tea Partiers — fiscal responsibility,a government limited by the United States Constitution, and freemarkets.


The core issue of fiscal responsibility is just commonsense, he argues — and it's a message “the majority of Americans knowin their gut.”


Fiscal conservatism does not mean shirkingsocial responsibilities, Meckler noted, insisting that “if we get ourfiscal house in order, there will be plenty of money to take care ofthose who need help ...


“There is waste, fraud and abuse atevery level. There's plenty of wealth in this country,” Meckler said.“So much of it is frittered away.”


Although the Tea Partymovement is often associated with the Republican Party, Mecklerstrongly disavows a political connection. He dropped his own Republicanaffiliation eight years ago and now is a registered Independent.


“Ifelt like the Republican Party didn't represent my values,” he said.“The political parties represent entrenched interests ... and theynever do what they say.”


Meckler estimated that about 40 percentof the people who are part of the Tea Party movement are Republicans,with another 40 percent identifying themselves as independent and 20percent identifying themselves as Democrats.


He stressed thedistinctions among the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Express —which is run by a Republican political consultant and raises funds fora PAC — and the recent Tea Party Nation convention, which offered a lotof exposure but also gave the erroneous impression that Sarah Palin isthe leader of the Tea Party movement.


“With any movement, you'llhave people attach themselves for good reasons and bad reasons,”Meckler said. “You're going to have the crazies, (like) the birthers,but that's not the movement. You can't judge the movement by thefringe.”


(”Birthers” is a term used to refer to people who question President Barack Obama's citizenship.)


Meckleralso refutes any perception the movement has splintered, arguing thatis a charge used by the political left to denigrate Tea Partiers — andby members of the right wing who come from the “old, top-down paradigm.”


“Theywant to know who's the leader,” he said. “And, too, some people callfor unity because they want to be the leader. You see that with theGOP; they're trying to co-opt the movement as hard as they can.


“TheRepublican Party is not the Tea Party. Anybody who tries to co-opt themovement doesn't understand the Tea Party. We cannot be co-opted.”


TheTea Party strategy, as Meckler sees it, starts at the very local level,developing a “farm team” that will run for city council and schoolboard seats, training to move up to the next political level.


“I expect to see a revolution of elected leaders who believe in fiscal responsibility,” he said.


The ideal candidate? Someone who really believes in public service, in putting country ahead of party.


“I think Ronald Reagan would have loved the Tea Party,” he said.


Meckler has no problem being called politically naive.


“Ican't tell you the number of times politicians have told me, ‘You justdon't understand how it works,'” Meckler said, dropping into a Southernaccent.


But politicians need to know the electorate is paying attention, Meckler added.


“Thisis what we've been guilty of the last 20 years: We let them get awaywith it,” he said. “Our job is to melt the phones, to send the e-mails.”


Part of the sea change he advocates has to do with people acting as “permanent citizen activists.”

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There is a great mass movement gathering out there, a new great moral power on this planet in the likeness of those greatest social upheavals which have been the true menace to tyrannies in the past.


That growing mass of those among our citizens who are the mass movement which has been growing since August 2009, gathering against the present Obama Presidency, are mobilized in a desperate effort to save themselves, and this nation from the ugliest echoes of the Adolf Hitler tradition, as typified by the global financial power of what is known as the Inter-Alpha group, a group of evil which has now, seemingly suddenly, been transformed into trash, even before the astonished eyes of that pack of global predators which they are.


That, in fact, is the gathering storm of political forces which are already at the verge of retiring President Barack Obama from office now. During the early days, and later, after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the theme presented for the purpose of mobilizing the consciousness of our patriotic citizenry was a series of films, and like productions titled "Why We Fight." All of the young fellows, like me, who recall that experience of that time, will probably recall that clearly today, even when some other notable things have been forgotten.


The alert and better informed patriots among us will recognize, that which threatens to destroy not only our nation, but our civilization today, is typified by that same enemy who places all civilization in peril today, the forces now gathered around the Inter-Alpha Group. Those are the fascist circles controlling the Obama Presidency from London; those are the international financier circles of today who fill the shows, today, of those London-centered financier circles who brought us the Hitler regime and World War II then.


It is that against which our patriots are reacting when they rally to vote out what they regard as the strangely alien force of the inner circles controlling the Nero-like puppet-President Obama today. For our patriotic citizens generally, the issue is, essentially, "We want our republic back!"

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Guest Enron Ex

A former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.


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Guest Don't Tread on ME

Our corporate media is trying to distort and smear Rand Paul, because they fear him becoming a Senator to fight and win back our Freedom. Rand Paul is no racist. He is the opposite. He want us to take back control of our government. Government should let us "Mind Our Own Business."



In response to liberal media attacks, Dr. Rand Paul today released the following statement:


"I believe we should work to end all racism in American society and staunchly defend the inherent rights of every person. I have clearly stated in prior interviews that I abhor racial discrimination and would have worked to end segregation. Even though this matter was settled when I was 2, and no serious people are seeking to revisit it except to score cheap political points, I unequivocally state that I will not support any efforts to repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


"Let me be clear: I support the Civil Rights Act because I overwhelmingly agree with the intent of the legislation, which was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws.


"As I have said in previous statements, sections of the Civil Rights Act were debated on Constitutional grounds when the legislation was passed. Those issues have been settled by federal courts in the intervening years


"My opponent's statement on MSNBC Wednesday that I favor repeal of the Civil Rights Act was irresponsible and knowingly false. I hope he will correct the record and retract his claims."


"The issue of civil rights is one with a tortured history in this country. We have made great strides, but there is still work to be done to ensure the great promise of Liberty is granted to all Americans.


"This much is clear: The federal government has far overreached in its power grabs. Just look at the recent national healthcare schemes, which my opponent supports. The federal government, for the first time ever, is mandating that individuals purchase a product. The federal government is out of control, and those who love liberty and value individual and state's rights must stand up to it.


"These attacks prove one thing for certain: the liberal establishment is desperate to keep leaders like me out of office, and we are sure to hear more wild, dishonest smears during this campaign."

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Guest Don't Tread on ME

This where it started


Conway statement


LOUISVILLE - United States Senate candidate Jack Conway issued the following statement today:


Rand Paul is promoting a narrow and rigid ideology and has repeatedly rejected a fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act. He is focused on the Tea Party whereas I am running to be a senator for all the people of Kentucky, who are really hurting right now.


No matter how he tries to spin to the contrary, the fact is that Paul's ideology has dangerous consequences for working families, veterans, students, the disabled, and those without a voice in the halls of power. Kentucky voters have a choice between Rand Paul's ideology and our campaign to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring accountability to Wall Street and Washington. We are reaching out to Democrats, Independents and Republicans across Kentucky to ask them to join our campaign and stand up for Kentucky families.


This is how media slowly distort the truth and begin the brainwashing process.



Now the public is led to believe that Rand Paul is a bigot and is on the side of big oil and does not care about this disaster. What a crock of crap.

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Press Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, 5/21/10


Q Robert, 1965 Voting Rights Act was put in place to give blacks first-class citizenship. And does Rand Paul’s comments on the Civil Rights Act give pause to the wave of racial discourse currently taking place and what could eventually be challenged, a challenge to it?


MR. GIBBS: Give me the second part -- the wave of --


Q Racial discourse, conversation about race right now that's going on, especially after his comments. I mean, ever since really this President has come on the national stage with his efforts of running for office and then becoming the first black President -- I mean, what do you think about -- what’s being said about Rand Paul’s comments around here?


MR. GIBBS: Well, as I said yesterday, this was -- the laws passed in 1964 and in 1965 are -- while we continue to improve race relations in this country, they are debates that have been rightly and correctly settled many decades ago. I think the notion that somehow in 2010 we're debating whether or not all of our citizens ought to enjoy equal opportunity, something that I think many believe was rightly settled in 1964 and 1965 and 1968, has, as I said yesterday, no place in -- or shouldn’t have any place in our debate right now. I think we've -- those were very difficult times and we dealt with them and we settled many of those issues in landmark legislation that continues to serve this country and all of its people well.


Q Do you think we're having this conversation because of the first black President, who some in this White House have said race and politics will always follow him. Do you think we're hearing more --


MR. GIBBS: No, I think we're having the current conversation because in 2010 you had somebody who seemed to -- not seemed to -- called into question whether or not it was appropriate for a private company through a lunch counter to discriminate against a group of citizens in this country. Again, in 1964 and in 1965 and in the preceding years, we've settled those issues. I think that's why we're having the current conversation.

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Guest U.S. Middle Class Collapse

Elizabeth Warren was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World - May 2009.

Elizabeth Warren, who came to Washington in 2008 with the task of keeping tabs on the financial bailout, today faces the unthinkable: business as usual for the Wall Street firms whose dealings plunged the country into the most severe recession in almost 80 years. (Fortune Magazine)
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FOX News claims to be for the Tea Party Movement, but has so far completely blacked out the U.S. Senate campaign of Peter Schiff, when he represents what the Tea Party stands for better than any other candidate nationwide.


It was just announced today that Peter Schiff has successfully petitioned his way on to the ballot for the Republican Primary on August 10th. Peter Schiff will be running against Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Although Linda McMahon may be a Washington outsider, she has used her billion dollar wresting fortune to buy the support of all Washington insiders. In our opinion, if Linda McMahon gets elected to the U.S. Senate, she will be just another Republican who acts like a Democrat once in office.


We believe that Peter Schiff fully understands the hyperinflationary crisis our country is approaching and how to prevent it. We need Peter Schiff in Washington if we want to have any hope of preventing hyperinflation and the complete destruction of the U.S. dollar. Please email Glenn Beck at glennbeck@foxnews.com, Sean Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com, and Bill O'Reilly at oreilly@foxnews.com, asking them to have Peter Schiff on their programs.

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The National Tea Party Federation (NTPF) today flatly rejected the NAACP's unfounded accusations that condemn "racist elements" in the tea party movement.


Tea Party and citizen group leaders from across the nation came together to respond to the outrageous and untrue accusations promoted by the NAACP and their political allies on the Left.


The Tea Party Movement was founded on a desire to return the United States to the proven principles of fiscal responsibility, free enterprise and liberty; and that limited, effective, and efficient government must be our collective goal.


A tease of the NAACP's announced, approved, but as-of-yet unreleased resolutions states, "… Tea party movement is a threat to the pursuit of human rights, justice and equality for all." A short statement on the group's website seems to base this upon the repudiated charges levied by Congressional Black Congress members against Tea Party rally participants in March.


David Webb, co-founder of New York's TeaParty365 said, "A false charge of racism is itself, racist. The NAACP's looming irrelevancy as a true civil rights organization is result of their shift to a far-left ideology. This Resolution shows they no longer serve the black community's interests to advance people of color within American culture. Instead, they exert their power to isolate and control people of color."


"We strongly condemn the resolution by the NAACP, labeling the Tea Party as 'racist,'" said Texas' Laredo Tea Party Co-Chair Marion Santiago.


"Our group is comprised of at least 90 percent Hispanics/Latinos. We embrace anyone regardless of color, race, religion, gender or political affiliation, unlike the NAACP."


Andrew Breitbart, Publisher of BigGovernment.com said, "The NAACP – like the Democrat party which it now exclusively serves - is in search of a desperate butt-saving play to protect the Party from November electoral losses. People's eyes are now wide open to the complicity of the once-respected civil rights organization and once-respected Party."

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Guest Christina Botteri

Last Friday night, the members of the National Tea Party Federation participating in an "All Hands" conference call unanimously decided the following:


The membership of the National Tea Party Federation has this evening suspended and will immediately expel Tea Party Express from any further association with the Federation should they fail to publicly rebuke Mark Williams and remove him from their ranks by 3 pm eastern time Saturday July 17.


The rebuke must take the following form:


1. Mark Williams must be officially removed from the ranks of the Tea Party Express.


2. Notice of Mark Williams' removal must be placed prominently on the official Tea Party Express website.


3. Tea Party Express must issue a press release articulating points 1 and 2 above.


* * *


Friday night, a member of the National Tea Party Federation communicated our decision directly to a member of the leadership team of Tea Party Express. That leader's response was clear: they have no intention of taking the action we required for their group to continue as a member of the National Tea Party Federation.

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NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous issued the following statement after learning that the National Federation of Tea Parties had expelled both Mark Williams and the Tea Party Express.


“Williams’ recent letter, in which he reiterated a litany of offensive racist stereotypes against African Americans and called Abraham Lincoln a "racist" because "colored people" liked slavery reflects a long history of racist statements. Williams wrote that Muslims worship the "terrorists monkey god" and called the NAACP "a vile racist group that makes more money off of race than any slave trader." But it was the thousands of people of goodwill calling for the Tea Party to repudiate its racist factions that result in this good first step.


We call on the major leaders of the Tea Party such as Sarah Palin and Dick Armey who have not spoken out to do so.


It is encouraging to know that the Tea Party can act in unison through the Tea Party Federation and take decisive action. We call on the Tea Party to police its events and make it clear that there is no space for racist signs and hate speech.


We look forward to being able to have a civil political discourse with the Tea Party on the serious issues facing all Americans.”


Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

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Guest Joanaroo

Well, bless your heart, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the Ma and Pa Tea Partiers are pawns in the GOP strategy to appear to be a party willing to work for anybody but the wealthy and big corporations. I mean come on! When Palin shrieks "Drill Baby Drill", you really don't think Mr. and Mrs. Farmer in Idaho with their potato farm and fighting to keep it, are going to benefit from Big Oil money? Do you? Really? Wow! Has the USA dumbed down the last 20 years!

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