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Free Steps to Getting a Business Grant


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To access Grants.gov I will need my DUNS Number.


The link below provides access to information:




Please select the country where your company is physically located.

If you do not see your country listed, please contact govt@dnb.com


Pleaseindicate only one category that describes the relationship you have orplan on seeking for providing goods and services under the legalbusiness name you indicated:


Doyou understand that issuance of a D-U-N-S Number may lead to D&Bcontacting you periodically to maintain the accuracy of your entity'sinformation on file?


Checkthe box below if you wish to be excluded from the D&B marketinglist. Note: This does not delete your company's Business InformationReport or other related products.



Thank you for your request for your company's existing D-U-N-S Number.


Your D-U-N-S Number will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.


If you have a problem and hit reply.

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Step 2: Register with CCR

The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) is a government-wide registry for vendors doing business with the federal government. The CCR centralizes information about grant recipients and also provides a central location for grant recipients to change organizational information. Grants.gov uses the CCR to establish roles and IDs for electronic grant applicants.

Tips for registering with CCR


1. Information for registering with the CCR and online documents can be found at http://www.ccr.gov/.


2. Before registering, applicants and recipients should review the Central Contractor Registration user guide at https://www.bpn.gov/ccr/doc/UserAccount.pdf

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