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Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Mass


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This really disgusts me. People have no respect for beliefs other than their own. Vatican officials identified the assailant as 25-year-old Susanna Maiolo and said she held dual Swiss and Italian nationality.


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Susanna Maiolo (born 1984 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland) is a woman with Italian and Swiss citizenship, who attacked Pope Benedict XVI at Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, 24 December 2009, inside St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. French cardinal Roger Etchegaray was injured. She previously tried to attack the Pope in December 2008.


Authorities said that Maiolo is mentally unstable; she is currently being held for psychiatric evaluation at a hospital in Subiaco, Italy. Some media said that it turned out that she didn't want to injure the Pope.


Shortly after the incident, someone created a Facebook "fan page" for her that quickly gained thousands of members from around the world.

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