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Christmas at the White House

Doug White

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White House Christmas Facts




* A member of the National Christmas Tree Association has presented a tree to the White House every year since 1966 when Lyndon B. Johnson was president. 2009 is the 43rd presentation.


* The tree is actually presented to the First Lady, and by tradition, she accepts the tree on behalf of the people of the United States.


* Every year, the tree is displayed in the "Blue Room" and is venerated the Official White House Christmas Tree.


* Each holiday season special care and attention is given towards lavishly adorning the "First Tree" with ornaments from the official White House Historical Association's collection of commemorative collectible ornaments. Each one honors the Presidential Administration of an American President of days gone by, and unknown to many, all years are available to the public.




* It is rare for growers to repeat as national tree Champions. In fact, in the history of the contest, only six have repeated as Grand Champions.


* To win the national contest, a grower must first win their state or regional competition. For example, the in 2004, the Chapman's tree competed against approximately 25 trees in the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association’s Contest to become eligible to take a tree to the national contest. To become national champions, they then had to beat the 27 other entries at the National Convention.


* If you would like to see the collection of Official White House holiday decorations, visit the WhiteHouseChristmasOrnament.com website.


* For information on care and recycling of Real Christmas Trees, or to have fresh cut real Christmas trees wreathes and garlands delivered to your door by FedEx, visit the Santa's Forest Christmas Tree Farm - www.FreshChristmasTree.com

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I just read this on Washington Whispers




A lot of organizations have cashed in on the new president's image with kitschy trinkets, so why not the Navy? The Navy Secretariat Staff Officers Recreation Association, a servicegroup run by Navy personnel and civilians at the Pentagon, has produced Obama Christmas ornaments for $15 a pop, limited to two per person. The normal Navy image has been replaced for the first time with that of the president. A gold frame surrounds a photo of Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as he takes the oath of office on Inauguration Day. Too much cheerleading? Some think so—and have said so. In fact, after Whispers asked questions, sales were frozen. Yvonne Peterson,one of those selling the ornaments at the Pentagon, says, "We were told to put a stop on sales. They sold out in about an hour's time." The money raised funds for Navy morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

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Guest The Donovan Family

We just love sharing with our children, friends, and neighbors our family's pride in American patriotism. We have over 15 U.S. flags on our Christmas Tree this year, and before finding these beautiful pieces, we even made our own Obama tree decorations.


May Christmas 2009 bring you, and your family, closer together as it has ours,


The Donovan Family

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Santa loves his cookies. This short film is about a Santa Clause Christmas tree Ornament that comes to life when he discovers an opportunity to snatch a tasty treat. I guarantee it will make everyone who sees it smile. Marry Christmas!

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