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Giants Man Handle Redskins


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The Redskins looked like they did not even play in Preseason. My Giants dominated every aspect of the game. Maybe your team will win against some weaker teams in schedule. But, I see the Redskins at the bottom of the NFC.


Until you get rid of Dan Snyder the Redskins will do nothing. exRedskins fans are leaving in droves and the worst owner in the league is forcing them to stay. It is shame what Snyder has done to your franchise.


Maybe next year fellas...

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Guest M. Stewart

Suing fans that cannot afford a ticket turned me away from the SnyderSkins. This is a pure evil act. Can it be worse? Yes. Instead of selling the tickets to fans on the waiting list the grinch sold them to scalpers, so he could get money fast. The hypocrite does not allow season ticket holders to sell their tickets to scalpers, yet he can. That is because he make the rules. What is good for his wallet is good for the Redskins. It is apparent that this is not the Redskins organization of the past. It is sad that the NFL's only criteria for buying a team is money. Because Dan Snyder does not know anything about football. The team players are not motivated by money and once again were pathetic against the Giants. That is okay. I found a better team to spend my money on.



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