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Holocaust Denial or Holocaust Re-analysis


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Iran has been criticized for holding what the west calls "Holocaust Denial Conferences". The first question is; Are these conferences really holocaust denial conferences? Ofcource the answer is known, per this wikidpedia entry [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interna..._the_Holocaust


The Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, is quoted as saying that the conference sought "neither to deny nor prove the Holocaust... [but] to provide an appropriate scientific atmosphere for scholars to offer their opinions in freedom about a historical issue."[2]


In fact the real name of this so called "Holocaust Denial Conference", as the western media organizations have so routinely referred to it as (in error) is: "International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust"


The first question is why does the mainstream media, (which is not just Fox News but also CNN, every other western mainstream media outlet + AP and Reuters which are featured on all the mainstream internet portals like yahoo or google), insist on referring to this conference as a Holocaust denial conference instead of using it's real name, some of these news sources may have mentioned the real name, but the typical citizen in western countries and even in many Asian countries are led to believe that this was in fact a "holocaust Denial Conference'. Little further analysis is provided, instead it is just termed a holocaust denial conference and repeated expressions of disgust are published and broadcast from western politicians and commentators.


The second question is why is it so forbiden to question the events of the holocaust and even the terminology itself when describing it as "The Holocaust." During WWII 8 million Germans were killed, as well as up to 50 million Soviets, 8 million of which have been reportedly executed by Stalin. Millions of Japanese died from nuclear bombs and fire bombing of all their cities. But only the killing of [upto] 6 million jews is called "The Holocaust", not "The Jewish Holocaust" or "A Holocaust" but "The Holocaust". Is this to suggest that the lives of all those other people killed were not as important? If it isn't, shouldn't there at least be a discussion of the correct terminology to be used when referring to this horrific event?


Another issue regarding the genocide is how many were killed due to starvation and disease due to increasingly poor conditions in prison camps and how many were actually executed. You have to take into consideration that during the beginning of the war, Jews were first rounded up and forced to live in Jewish Ghettos; it was later in the war-after Germany started straining to sustain itself in the face of massive allied bombing and lost territory did the massive loss of lives begin; keep in mind that in German occupied countries like Holland and Belgium food shortages started hitting the civilian urban populations hard, it was that much harder to keep prisoners alive, fed, and in good health. One has to wonder what would have happened to all those Japanese-Americans interned in camps inside the US if Japan had been carpet bombing San Francisco, Los Angeles, and well every other major American city and the American people were experiencing major food shortages. It's a good bet that they would have been executed. Robert McNamera (one of the architects of the fire bombing of Japan) has been quoted as saying that "if we [the US] had lost the war, we all would have been tried as war criminals." Another question one could ponder is that considering the Israeli's have been keeping The Palestinians oppresed in similar "ghettoes" or bantustans, for many years now- if TelAviv and West Jerusalem were being firebombed-wouldn't one expect that they would immediately kill all or most of the Palestinians with WMD? It should also be noted that a documentary recently aired on the American Public Broadcasting Serivice also found that the allies in WWII showed just as much disregard for civilian human life in WWII as the Germans and Japanese.


Yet none of this is allowed to even be discussed in the west, just like it is not discussed as to why the western countries boycott the UN Conferences on Racism in Durban South Africa even though countless academics, NGO's, former South African freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu + former SA aphartied regime officials, Israeli President Shimon Peres + many other Israeli politicians and rights groups, etc. - all have decribed Israel as an Aphartied state. No intelligent discussion is allowed.


The western media cannot be considered to be practicing legitimate journalism-which strives to be neutral and un-biased, when these questions remain un-answered and un-discussed.

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I think you have to attend it to determine that, the factual information exists: most importantly that the genocide of millions of Jews did in fact happen; so why boycott it or insist that it's a "holocaust Denial Conference"? The main discussion should be how the issue of "THE Holocaust" is perceived today in mainstream western media.

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I think you might want to watch "Holocaust" (1978) mini-series. Directed by Marvin Chomsky. With James Woods, Meryl Streep and Michael Moriarty.


Holocaust follows the tragedy and triumph of the Weiss family of Berlin and intertwines their fate as European Jews with the story of a German family, the Dorfs, whose members include a high-ranking Nazi officer. Filmed on location in Germany and Austria, Holocaust uses the stories of these fictional families to portray the atrocities against the Jewish people from the 1930s to 1945, and presents a heart-wrenching portrait of their struggle.




Start 3 minutes in.

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Those videos dramatize it but the second one also shows that the mass extermination of Jews did not begin at the start of the war, instead they were forced to work and ware a star of david, not great in time of war, but considering the other thread on this forum 'jewish settler violence' - the racist zionists are not that much different from the Nazi's, committing brutal acts agains Palestinians everyday.

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