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U.S. Post Office Closures


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After news broke about United States Post Office closures the Postal Regulatory Commission is unable to cope up with the pressure of high number of visits by people who are frantically searching as to whether the post office in their areas are going to remain open or being shut down.



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Here is a release about the closures.


The Postal Service has advised it will examine approximately 3,200 postal stations and branches nationwide for possible closure or curtailment and that an additional 1,600 stations and branches could likewise be reviewed depending on the outcome of the initial examination.


The Commission proceeding provides a transparent on the record process to ensure that any nationwide changes in postal service are consistent with the Postal Service’s obligation to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient postal services to customers in all areas and to all communities.

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Here is testimony of John Waller on "Postal Service Plans to Adjust Its Retail and Delivery Networks" before the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service and the District of Columbia


In the current proceeding regarding stations and branches, the Postal Service indicates that the purpose of the initiative is to realign its retail network with current and future customer service needs while reducing inefficiency and redundancy and capturing cost savings. The Postal Service cites growth in alternative retail channels, like USPS.com and Automated Postal Centers, and reductions in customer foot-traffic and purchases at its retail units in support of the realignment.


The Postal Service states that no closures started under the Initiative will be implemented before October 2, 2009 and that the bulk of the actual closure reviews and resulting operation and service changes will be implemented in postal fiscal year 2010.


If the Postal Service should determine to discontinue or consolidate a station or branch under this Initiative, it would be obligated under section 404 (d) of title 39 to provide for thorough public notice and input into the decision. The Commission has long accepted the common usage of any retail location staffed by Postal Service personnel as the operative definition of a post office as used in the acts.


The Postal Service has stated that, in order to eliminate some of the 50 percent of carrier costs that do not vary with volume, it may be necessary to reduce the days of delivery. This would require action by Congress to modify the current requirement to maintain delivery at 1983 levels.

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Guest Moe Lepore

Millions of Americans depend on their local post office to send and receive checks, legal documents and, of course, letters and packages from family and friends. Your local post office also serves as the first line of defense in protecting the sanctity of your mail. The questions asked by your local window clerk are designed to protect the public through coordination with the Department of Homeland Security.


One only has to recall one of the darkest days in our history — 9/11, and the subsequent biochemical attacks on our mail service to understand this defense. The quiet heroics displayed by postal workers during the anthrax attack showed America the character, strength and resolve of our membership; that continues today as we keep the lines of communication open throughout the United States and the world.


I don’t think Ben Franklin, the first Postmaster General, would approve of what is happening to the Service he established and envisioned.

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