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Mourning the coming death of Microsoft Industries.


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Guest Rocket 455
Big Gates no longer cares about the program I am using.


I want an alternative to Google Chrome and Firefox.


There was a balance in the force.



I was told by my systems admin. to upgrade to IE 8 from 7 because he thought they had "worked the bugs out" but now I'm confused as to which crashes more often: 7 or 8. Either way I suppose I'm an idiot to assume MSFT cares about my "customer experience" and should have tried Mozilla a long time ago ... or Chrome maybe ... point being if I get one more "send error report" I'm gonna go Office Space on my computer (e.g. "PC Load Letter, WTF does PC Load Letter mean?") and yes, "Office Space" is the new "Postal."

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Guest Steve St. Aubin

I just got the hell out of IE 8 and switched to Mozilla's Firefox and one thing I can tell you is the powers that be at Microsoft had better be sweating bullets because Firefox dominates Internet Explorer!!!


Huge difference.


Now I can actually surf the web ... who would have thought such a thing was possible???

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