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APC Battery Backup does not protect from power surge.

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An electrical surge went through my APC Battery surge protector and fried my computer.


Model No. BR800BLK


Serial No. 5B0727U09748


Computer - Fried



Printer - Fried

Lexmark X4270


Hughes Satellite Modem - Fried

Model No - HN7000S

PSN No. - HJN27G285038358748

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Left online ticket


Reference #



Back-UPS Battery Systems

Date Created

06/09/2009 03:43 PM

Last Updated

06/09/2009 03:43 PM



Model Number




Operating System

Windows XP



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Your question has been received. You should expect a response from us

within the next business day.


Question Reference #090610-000333


Summary: APC Battery Backup did not protect from Power


Product Level 1: Back-UPS Battery Systems

Category Level 1: Technical Assistance

Date Created: 06/09/2009 03:43 PM

Last Updated: 06/09/2009 03:43 PM

Status: Unresolved

Model Number: BR800BLK

Serial: 5B0727U09748

Management Software:


Operating System: Windows XP



Discussion Thread


Customer (Luke Wilbur) - 06/09/2009 03:43 PM

APC did not protect my computer and printer from a power surge. My modem, computer, and printer are fried.




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I spoke Soheib at Hughes Tech Support. We are a business customer and not be able to communicate with our customers.


Ref# 18535284


Tel 866-347-3292


Soheib transferred to Angie of small business support.


Hughes stated that transmitter is not communicating.


Soheib stated that we have somebody will actually bring the modem to our farm before Friday. What a great service : )

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I spoke with Jonna of the APC Claim Department located in the Philippines.


Two for surge only. We will be receiving the same unit with the claim.


Claim No. 1-1013748340


The claims department is actually done West Kingston, Rhode Island.

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APC stated that they will honor the computer repair as long as I have a receipt. I am contacting


Phone: 304-372-8186

Toll Free: (866)293-1667





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I spoke with Takeda of Hughes Net. Takeda told me that this is now recorded as Case No. 18536282.


Takeda stated that Hughes Net thought a technician was already out there. I told her no technician has been there at all.


Takeda asked me for two telephone numbers to call me back.


Takeda told me that Hughes made a mistake and to contact billing department to get credit. Went past two business days.


Takeda told me that Hughes technical department only has dispatches and they do not give numbers of the installers.


Takeda told me that now that I have a third case no. 18574316

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It appears a transformer blew, and that was responsible for the power surge occurring on June 8 between 3 and 4 pm. I am confirming this with Applachian Power Company.


Appalachian Power serves about 1 million customers in West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee. Its headquarters is in Charleston, W. Va., with regulatory and external affairs offices in both Charleston, W. Va. and Richmond, Va.


The outage for STATE ROUTE 87 has been successfully reported. The report number is 2186.


Your phone number has been updated

Overall Outage Information



Equipment involved: NONE SPECIFIED

Reported out: Friday, June 12, 2009 3:59 PM


Appalachian Power is dedicated to providing its customers with reliable electric service, and we're continually seeking innovative ways and taking advantage of new technologies to ensure we're meeting that goal. But, regardless of how hard we work, it's impossible to eliminate all power outages. Some things are, unfortunately beyond our control, such as lightning, high winds, ice or snow storms, a vehicle hitting a utility pole, a squirrel causing a short circuit, a mistake by tree trimmers or persons cutting firewood, construction workers digging into our lines or electric equipment failure. While we can't completely eliminate power outages, we can help you cope with them. For your convenience, Appalachian Power provides outage-related fact sheets that you may wish to view and/or print.


Please report safety hazards immediately to our Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-956-4237 (available 24 hours).


For other problems, you can call our Customer Solutions Center at:


* Tennessee - 800-967-4237

* Virginia - 800-956-4237

* West Virginia - 800-982-4237


Serial Tag on back of Sony VAIO Computer


Model No : BTC-VGCRB40


Serial No: 3005698


Part No. P/N: 28221838


another sticker shows


Model : PCVC31L

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I requested a historical data report for June 8 from Appalachian Power. The received reports at our local station of Lightning outages on June 8 occurring on 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm.


I would like to protect my home from power surges. Tina advised that I get a home surge protector.


Tina 1-888-710-4237 Ext. 4211


She is going to send this information to the Outage research department.


Power Quality Order: 024765125

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