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Guest Mark Boyer

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Guest Mark Boyer

"We are pleased that the leadership of the District of Columbia has selected AeroVironment as its electric vehicle charging infrastructure partner," said AV senior vice president Mike Bissonette, general manager of its Efficient Energy Systems business segment. "Our extensive experience developing and deploying electric vehicle technologies enables us to support the vision of Mayor Fenty with practical, proven EV solutions. We are eager to provide the people of Washington, D.C. with a safe, reliable and effective electric vehicle charging network that will keep them moving into a clean, energy independent future." The District is also in discussions with local businesses that can assist in expanding electrification efforts throughout the city.

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Guest Yanquetino

let's take advantage the charging infrastructure we already have, if nothing else than for the sake of simplicity to facilitate the transition to EVs. Yes, truly high-powered, "fast-charge" stations will mandate a new standard for 440V+, the kind of thing that Coulomb and/or AeroVironment and/or Clipper Creek will need to design, build, and distribute, but it strikes me that the Europeans are on the right track here when it comes to the "normal" voltages we already use in our homes and offices.


My $0.02 worth anyway.

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Guest LAW_*

AeroVironment sets the standard for EV fast charge systems with PosiCharge. AeroVironment has developed breakthrough power electronics and battery management technologies for over 30 years. PosiCharge systems - the most advanced line of fast chargers available today - is a product of this rich heritage.


As the developer of the premier fast charge system for electric cars, PosiCharge was able to effectively reduce charge times by a factor of 12. When applied to the world of material handling, this revolutionary innovation saved the material handling industry millions of dollars annually by eliminating battery-changing* operations. Moreover, PosiCharge makes the conversion from internal combustion to electric vehicles more affordable by reducing battery costs for operations executives and managers. By reducing the number of cost-prohibitive batteries and optimizing assets, AeroVironment and PosiCharge fast chargers continue to play a critical role in improving the way industries and individuals minimize impact on the environment.


Entire fleets of industrial electric vehicles that move, store and make product for Fortune 500 companies are powered by PosiCharge, every single day.



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Guest Philip_*

PosiCharge is so easy to use that it will render battery-changing operations obsolete.


PosiCharge uses regular batteries of any type, any brand, and works with any electric vehicle, regardless of size, voltage, or manufacturer. Batteries don't have to leave the truck in order to get fully charged, even in a three-shift operation. Here's how it works:


1. PosiCharge is installed in localized areas, where drivers park for breaks and shift changes


2. Trucks start their day with 100% state of charge


3. Drivers stop for a break (lunch, shift change) and connect PosiCharge to the battery while the battery is still in the truck


4. The smart PosiCharge station automatically detects the charging profile of the vehicle


5. PosiCharge distributes power according to each vehicle's real-time energy need


6. Multiple vehicles are charged simultaneously, unlike other systems which charge one at a time, leaving some batteries dry


7. Drivers return from break, unplug, and return to work

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