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I just contacted Lara Brown of the Intuit Merchant Service Application Department about whether or not that Quickbooks could automatically download bank information.


Quickbooks Products - Non Merchant Service




I spoke with Laura in the sales department. Quickbooks does not have any automated software that downloads bank information. Laura recommended the following:





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I spoke with Chris Green 512-231-6036 about creating a custom widget that downloads transactions from the bank and goes into Quickbooks.


Christ Green is setting up an appointment with Jason Coppi to contact me at 3:30pm today. Chris guestimated the cost would be over $1000.00.


Currently, we have alot expenses that have to be entered manually. This takes a lot of time and money. Transaction errors hinder the process. We get double entries. What I would like to do is automatically download the banks cleared transactions file daily and import this data to Quickbooks compare the numbers if correct mark the check as cleared in Quick Books. If it doesn't match I will create a spreadsheet entry for the exceptions list.

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Jason gave me background information.


Financial Management Software - Link between E-Commerce


Embedded to Intuit Wizard.


Data Integration application to another.



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I have a better understanding of what I need now.


I would like a custom widget to automatically download my Suntrust bank cleared transactions report daily. I would like the software to filter out duplicate entries and export this data to Quickbooks as needed.

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