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Head Office is located Markham, Ontario, Canada. The company states that it has been founded by leading experts in Internet technology, industry veterans with software automation expertise and cost efficient business processes.


The problem is that all the programmers are from Pakistan and have difficulty understanding what you actually need. I wanted to test out the market to see how they compare to American programmers. There is no comparison.


I tried to speak with the owner, Paul Popper, about the problem. He refused to answer and hung up on me.


60 Columbia Way, Ste 300

Markham ON L3R 0C9 Canada




6343058 Canada Inc

+1 416 520 4746, Fax: +1 416 531 5584



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Guest Guest

I have given them a project since April 2008, the estimation of the project was 8 weeks max, until May 2009, they haven't delivered yet. I have sent them many messages to refund my money, they refused. I'm firing a complain again them.

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You have to be persistent with them. They did do the work I asked, but it took along time. They are from Pakistan. They have a problem sometimes understanding the task required. This is due to a communication brake down. Once completed they did do everything I asked.

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Well I have been waiting for a site I sent Uzman and his pack of time wasters for 8 months. I just fired them because they refuse to finish. They do not know what rhey are doing accept how to waste time. I suggest you run not walk away from them. I only wish they were a US company so I could sue them for damages. STAY AWAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!!!

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