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The world’s first fuel-less car maybe coming in the near future. The Magnetic Air Car design uses magnetic technology.


On Wednesday, October 1, Magnetic Air Cars, Inc new office and garage will be located at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, CA. This facility will be used for the building of our prototype design in a safe, secure and clean environment. Club Auto Sport Silicon Valley is the first in what will be an exclusive network of clubs in select locations across the country.


On Tuesday, October 7, Magnetic Air Cars, Inc will be moving our meetings to the Club Auto Sport in San Jose at 11:30am.


Club Auto SportSilicon Valley is a two-building complex totaling approximately 120,000 square feet of space on Charcot Avenue in San Jose's Golden Triangle. The buildings are undergoing $15 million in renovations to transform the complex into a high-tech, state-of-the- art facility with a soaring 10,000 square foot showroom and members lounge area, large modern conference room, banquet and hospitality facility, sophisticated security protections, specialized ventilation systems, and other desirable features.


Magnetic Air Cars, Inc

521 Charcot Avenue

San Jose, CA 95131

(866) 471-7741



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Here’s how their “relatively simple” process works. A battery starts a magnetic motor… which in turn drives a small but powerful on-board air compressor. The air flow is then tubocharged and multiplied to where the resulting horse-pressure™ smoothly powers the car to incredible speeds… without ever getting hot and without ever having to be stopped for external recharging or refueling. And automobiles are just the beginning. Pretty neat concept. I want to see one in production.

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