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Russia May Launch Nuclear Cooperation With Venezuela


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Add to this article that Chavez is going to France as well, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what he wants.


I know I keep on harping on the democrats for starting this Massive disaster because this IS really what you started.


Why do I keep bringing this up? Because I don't want us to get hit by dirty bombs. You people honestly think that immigration was the only reason some of us wanted the border fence? "Which is mostly electronic".






Thu Sep 25, 4:27 PM ET


NOVO-OGARYOVO, Russia (AFP) - Russia may launch nuclear energy cooperation with Venezuela, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Thursday during talks with the country's fiercely anti-US leader Hugo Chavez


"We are ready to consider a possibility of cooperation in using nuclear energy," Putin said.


Putin also noted "development of our ties in all spheres," with "new possibilities in energy, high-tech, machine construction and chemicals."


Russian and Venezuelan companies "have good perspectives not only in bilateral sense but also on third markets," Putin stressed, voicing satisfaction at "a launch of a first oil bore in the Gulf of Venezuela due in late October."


The Russian premier also thanked Chavez "for the warm welcome for our strategic aviation airplanes which had spent many days in Venezuela," pledging "realization of all our accords on cooperation between our navies."


"I am ready to discuss our cooperation in military and technical sphere," Putin said, explaining that "Latin America has become an important chain-link in creating a multipolar world, and we will pay more attention to this vector."


In deployments not seen since the Cold War, Russia this month sent two long-range bombers to Venezuela for exercises and has dispatched a flotilla of warships from the Arctic base of Severomorsk to Venezuela, near US waters.


"Today like never before all that you said on the multi-polar world becomes reality. Let us not lose time," Chavez agreed, thanking "dear" Putin for "having invited me to Moscow before winter began."


"The world is fast developping geopolitically," Chavez added.


Chavez's visit comes as Russia's relations with the United States are in a deep chill because of Russia's war with Georgia last month -- a conflict where Chavez was one of the few world leaders to support Moscow.


In the latest sign of closer ties, a Kremlin source said Thursday that Russia had granted Venezuela the one-billion-dollar (682-million-euro) loan to Venezuela to buy Russian arms.


"Russia has taken the decision to grant Venezuela a credit of one billion dollars for implementing programmes in the field of military-technical cooperation," the source said, using diplomatic jargon for arms sales.


Venezuela has been asking for the loan for months, according to Russian media reports.


Venezuela has signed 4.4 billion dollars' (three billion euros') worth of contracts to buy Russian arms since 2005, according to the Kremlin.


It has bought fighter jets, tanks and assault rifles, and the Kommersant daily reported last week that it was planning to purchase anti-aircraft systems, armoured personnel carriers and more combat aircraft.


Chavez could also discuss broader economic cooperation with Russia, including the creation of a Russian-Venezuelan bank and business opportunities for Russian energy giant Gazprom in Venezuela, Kommersant reported.


Trade turnover between the two countries was 1.1 billion dollars (750 million euros) in 2007, more than double that of 2006, the Kremlin said.

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I also wish to add these comments from the french.


"Kouchner said France is ``ready to work with our Venezuelan friends'' to develop a civilian nuclear power program."




Monday September 29, 2008

Chavez says Venezuela will develop nuclear power


CARACAS (Reuters) - President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday Venezuela will develop a nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes, in another challenge to Washington just days after Russia offered nuclear assistance to the socialist Latin American leader.


"In Venezuela we are interested in development of nuclear energy, of course for peaceful purposes, for medical purposes, for purposes of electricity generation," Chavez said at a political rally.

Brazil has various nuclear reactors, so does Argentina. We will have ours."


Chavez noted that Venezuela, which is a member of the oil-producing cartel OPEC, developed a nuclear reactor decades ago but abandoned it under pressure from the United States.

He said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had offered help with a reactor, adding that "we already have a commission working on this issue."


Chavez did not offer details or say when a reactor could be ready, but the news could further strain relations with Washington, which views Chavez as autocratic and erratic.

He has repeatedly challenged Washington, notably by defending Iran's nuclear activities despite strong condemnation by the United States and Europe.


This month Chavez expelled the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela and repeated his frequent threats to halt oil sales that make up around 10 percent of U.S. oil imports.


Venezuela has boosted cooperation with Moscow since Russia came under strong U.S. condemnation for fighting a war against Georgia last month, strengthening ties between two of the United States' strongest critics.

Russia and Venezuela have also signed 12 arms contracts worth a total of $4.4 billion in the last two years, according to a Kremlin source.

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Amen, and that's why I and others wanted the infrastructure in place.


Because people ARE going to forget, but the infrastructure wont. Just to do what is right "It's very tiring".



I just cannot figure out how the U.S. can police the entire world. We are in so much debt already. But, I hope that we make sure not let this happen.
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Chavez says Russia to build nuclear reactor in Venezuela

RIA Novosti


17/11/2008 10:39 MOSCOW, November 17 (RIA Novosti) - Russia will help Venezuela build its first nuclear reactor in the northwestern province of Zulia, President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday.


Chavez had announced on Friday that Venezuela was in talks with Russia on nuclear energy cooperation, and the issue is likely to be discussed during Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit later this month.


"A nuclear reactor, to produce energy for peaceful purposes, will soon be built in Estado Zulia and named in honor of the Venezuelan scientist of the last century Humberto Fernandez Moran," Chavez told supporters in Maracaibo, the capital of Zulia state.


"Brazil has several nuclear reactors, as does Argentina. We will also have our own reactor," the president said.


Medvedev's trip to Venezuela on November 26 will be the first visit by a Russian president.


Russian nuclear power plant constructer Atomstroyexport, established in 1998, has completed or is working on reactors in Iran, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, China and India.

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