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Computer virus from Earth hits Space Station


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Even though the presidential elections over shadows stories like this, it does bring up a very serious security issue as to how will Countries in the future deal with tech based space attacks?






Last updated at 9:58 AM on 28th August 2008

A computer virus has made the leap from Earth to outer space after hitching a ride on an astronaut's laptop.


The worm known as Gammima.AG was carried on board the International Space Station in July, according to NASA. It works by stealing passwords and login names for popular online games, then sends them back to a central server.


However, NASA were quick to point out that the malicious program did not put any essential systems of the ISS at risk and described it as a mere 'nuisance'.


The virus had infected laptops used to run nutritional programs and let the astronauts send e-mails back to Earth.


The space agency is now working to track down the culprit for the embarassing error. They believe it may have infected the laptop via a flash or USB drive owned by an astronaut.


The virus travelled 215 miles to the research facility which is in a low Earth orbit and surprisingly was not a one-off event.



'It's not a frequent occurrence, but this isn't the first time,' Nasa spokesman Kelly Humphries admitted.

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