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Saudi Arabia's New Rival


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Renewables' are all very well and good, but we still need oil folks. I hope that this time the General Public got the message.


Because Iran and the democrats choice "Venezuela" WANT to cut oil production to keep prices high.


Time will tell.





Profit from the Oil Reserve

8 Times Bigger

Than Saudi Arabia's




Some optimists believe the spike in oil prices we've seen over the last three years is merely temporary.


T. Boone Pickens isn't one of them.


The long-time oilman and current chairman of BP Capital Management was recently asked in a 60 Minutes interview when he thought we'd see $1.50 a gallon at the pump again. "We won't ever see $1.50 a gallon again," said Pickens. "No, that's gone."


It's tough to disagree. On the demand side, citizens of the wealthy West aren't using any less oil, nor are the up-and-coming Tigers of the East.


On the supply side, just look at many of the world's biggest exporters: Iran, Nigeria, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. It's a virtual rogues' gallery, filled with nations that represent tyranny, corruption or instability.


Fortunately, the world's single-largest oil deposit sits right here in North America. Time magazine calls it "Canada's biggest buried treasure." It's an area with up to 2.5 trillion barrels of oil, locked in Alberta sand. That's eight times the total reserves of Saudi Arabia, enough to satisfy the world's demand for petroleum for the next century.


This is easily the world's most exciting energy story. And one publicly traded company is supremely positioned to earn billions from this region in the months ahead...

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