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08.07.04: Krunk W/ The One And Only Ggc. Still Fr


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KRUNK is every Saturdary @ South Beach

7904 Woodmont Ave / Bethesda, MD (10 mins from DC)




"There's only one spot in Montgomery County that consistently serves up top hip-hop DJs; massive, inexpensive mixed drinks; live performances; and an open mi©: Krunk..."


-Fritz Hahn and Rhome Anderson (washingtonpost.com)


T H I S _ S A T U R D A Y , A U G U S T _ 7 t h , 2 0 0 4 :


Who remembers the Ibex or the Marlow Heights Skating Rink?

Well this Saturday experience a blast from past as you join us for the KRUNK debut of ...





It may come as a shock that Bethesda has consistently given love to real hip-hop AND go go music, but hey, since when has Krunk stuck to its home-city stereotype? This Saturday, it is without outstanding pleasure that we present a true Krunk soldier and DJ extraordinaire, Waldorf's very own, GO GO CRAIG!! He will be droppin' a special go go AND hip-hop set, sure to be loved by the grown and sexy. So look out Montgomery County, cuz this week Krunk will be groovin to the beat as G.G.C. hits the decks. Asses will be shakin' and Titts will be bouncin as Go Go Craig drops a set that will remind the old skoolers of the Ibex or the Marlow Heights skating rink. Be sure to pick up a free copy of Go Go Craig's mix CD "Bumpin' Fresh!"







Titts always brings the ultimate in funk ***brown trout***, ranging from 80 thru 140+ BPM's. This DNB vet always sets his mind to keeping the dance floor as lit as his liver. Never stopping the rapid mix, except for maybe a shot, this beat guru draws from an extensive library of tempo and genre varying tracks that guarantees Krunk lives up to its name! Get yo dance on!!






Besides ripping the open mic to pieces, Optimst spins the hottest reggae, rnb and hip-hop, and of course, Jackson driven grooves. Show up early and watch him flex his lyrical muscles or stay to watch him blaze the decks with the ultimate in funk and soul. Thanks to everyone who made it out for his amazing live set last week and make sure to cop his new EP also available this week!






Say it, don't spray it. Things to bring: your wit, off-the-top rhymes, positive attitudes, sharp lyrical ability and mic control. Things to leave at home: stank breath, written or memorized content, thuggish ruggish attitudes and yo mama. Open mic from 10:30pm-12. Mic has been RED HOT as of late!!


!!! Get KRUNK each and every Saturday !!!


- Free admission

- The hottest live acts, DJ's and MC's

- Drink specials & more for MEMBERS ONLY:

- Sign up for the forum to take advantage! http://tittsworth.com/forum

- Sign up for the e-mail list to stay informed! jesse@tittsworth.com to sub


- Open mic from 10:30 pm-12 midnight

- Consistently praised by Washington Post & more!

- Late nite MENU for REAL after hour EATS!

- Covered SMOKING SECTION available!

- 21+ w/ photo ID

- Hours: 10:30 pm to 2:30 am


- Only 10 mins from DC!

- Metro accessible!

- South Beach = 7904 Woodmont Ave/ Bethesda,MD

- Directions from Connecticut Ave / DC

- Directions from I-495, 355 & others

- FREE PARKING next to Black's (7750 Woodmont)


For press, pictures, weekly line-ups and more, please visit:


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10 reasons why you can't miss tonight's Krunk


10. 21+, you know about Krunk's grown and sexy!!

9. We're still the only spot in MoCo with the real hip-hop and ridiculous drinks (just axx The Post)

8. The cheapest good time you're gonna have... huge drinks and still NOOOO COVER

7. Open mic is still one of the hottest around! Speak yo clout alongside some of DC's greatest!

6. The best in dance friendly HIP-HOP, served up by DJ TITTS

5. GO-GO in BETHESDA. Nuff said. GGC, it's about that time!!

4. $1 shots, huge $3 drinks and much more with forum membership (http://tittsworth.com/forum)

3. You remember how live the Ibex was or because you want to experience the vibe for the first time

2. We're happy to finally have Jason Koitz back (forreal this time!!)

1. Because I'm feeling rowdy tonight! BRING IT!!!

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