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Russia Looking to Send a Navy Fleet to Caribbean, Chavez Says


To The Democrats; Next time you decide to support some one like Chavez "Just to make this Administration look bad" Do Every American a favor and don't.






By Daniel Cancel


Aug. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Russia has expressed interest in sending a naval fleet to the Caribbean. He said Venezuela would welcome the visit.


The naval fleet would come to Caribbean waters on a trip of ``friendship and work,'' Chavez said in comments on state television. Venezuela has bought Sukhoi fighter jets from Russia and is evaluating the purchase of submarines, Chavez said.


``We've been informed that the Russian government wants to visit Venezuela,'' Chavez said. ``They want a Russian fleet to come to the Caribbean. If they come, they'll be welcomed.''


Venezuela has spent billions of dollars in modernizing its armed forces in recent years, purchasing arms mainly from Russia. The South American country has also criticized the U.S.'s reactivation of the Navy's Fourth Fleet to patrol the Caribbean on anti-narcotics missions.


Chavez said he's interested in buying K-8 Chinese training jets after the U.S. stopped selling replacement parts for existing Venezuelan aircraft. He said he'll visit China in September.

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