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Summer of Safety 2008


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Summer of Safety Kickoff Planned for June 12


On Thursday, June 12 -- the last day school in DC -- the MPD will kick off the summer with activities in all seven police districts, where a calendar of events will be made available for youth. The calendar will cover all 73 days of the summer vacation for DC Public Schools students.


During the summer months, it is very important for parents and guardians to involve their children and young adults in supervised activities. Through various partnerships around the city, the Metropolitan Police Department will provide several opportunities to families for the District’s school-aged youth in an effort to make 2008 the safest summer yet. There are 73 days in the summer break for the District’s public school students. During those 73 days, Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier wants to ensure that there are a variety of supervised activities and events available to District families for their children. The following programs will be offered by the police department to assist parents with providing summer supervision for their youth.


Summer Jobs (Age Group: 14–18)


Through a partnership with the Department of Employment Services (DOES), the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) will hire summer youth workers who are registered in the Passport-to-Work summer employment program by the April 26, 2008 deadline. Jobs will begin on Monday, June 16, 2008, and officially end Friday, August 22, 2008. This means young people who are hired from DOES will be expected to report to work on June 16th each day until August 22, (Monday through Friday). Last year’s summer employees held jobs that entailed light office work, computer work, planning outreach-to-youth events and much more. For more information about working with MPD, visit the page in this book for the Department of Employment Services or call (202) 462-6733.


Camp Brown One-Week Overnight Camp (Age Group: 7–13)


A partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington will make Camp Ernest W. Brown an exciting place for campers ages 7-13. Camp Brown, named after former police chief and co-founder, Ernest W. Brown is operated through a partnership agreement between the Metropolitan Police Department and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. This year, one-week camp sessions will be held beginning in July through August. The camp is located about 80 miles south of Washington, DC in Scotland, Maryland. For 71 years, Camp Brown has been a place for school-aged youth between the ages of 7 and 13 to escape the busy city for a week-long vacation. The campers stay in wooden cabins on 168 acres of land, alongside the Potomac River where they enjoy swimming, biking, fishing, listening to motivational speakers, and many other structured activities. Camp counselors include police officers who are trained to work with youth, as well as certified staff of the Boys and Girls Club.


For information on the cost of the camp and financial assistance, call (202) 397-CLUB (2582), ext. 8190 or visit http://www.bgcgw.org/clubs to download the application and receive more information about the camp.


Summer Day Camps (Age Group: 6–13)


Through a partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), officers will visit local recreation center camp sites to conduct educational workshops on safety. For more information, dial (202) 727-8809 or (202) 462-6733.


Summer of Safety 2008 Outreach-to-Youth Hotline and Activities Calendar (Age Group: 4–17)


Each day, during the summer months, if a parent or guardian believes a young person is bored, a call can be made to (202) I'm-Bored, beginning June 12, 2008. This hotline, sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department will keep families updated on summer events and activities, as well as available camps each day. The list of events will be updated nightly to provide families with supervised options for their children to support a safe summer. The events can include free summer concerts, supervised field trips, a list of free pools and other locations that are open and free to the public. The list will also include neighborhood events that are sponsored by the police department and other partners, including the Department of Parks and Recreation, (the agency that sends the Skate Mobile around the city during the summer months). For more information, dial (202) I'm-Bored or (202) 462-6733.


Last Day of School Block Parties (Age Group: 4–17)


On the last day of school for the District’s Public Schools, the Metropolitan Police Department will host block parties around the city to prepare parents and youth for a safe summer. Calendars will be distributed with a list of supervised activities for the summer and free food, tee shirts and other giveaways will be provided. For more information, dial (202) 727-8809 or visit www.mpdc.dc.gov/sos for more Summer of Safety (SOS) information.


Meet McGruff the Crime Dog (Age Group: 4-–12)


McGruff the Crime Dog, the official police mascot around the country will be available during the summer months to appear at some local events in the community, including summer camp facilities, schools and a few local neighborhood block parties. McGruff’s schedule will fill up quickly, so call to check his availability at (202) 727-8809.

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