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The Higgs Boson God Particle

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The 'God particle', was made famous metaphor by Nobel laureate Leon Lederman's book The God Particle: "If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?" Physicists actually the famous call this hypothetical particle the "Higgs Boson." In 1964 by Peter Higgs theorized how massless elementary particles could manage to construct mass in matter. The Higgs boson particle is one quantum component of the theoretical Higgs Field. In empty space, the Higgs field has a mathematical value that is always greater than zero (also known as a “non-zero vacuum expectation value, which illustrates the concept that there is no such thing as a completely “empty” vacuum). The existence of this non-zero vacuum expectation plays a fundamental role: it gives mass to every elementary particle, including the Higgs boson itself.


without the Higgs boson, the theory has not been able to explain how other elementary particles acquire properties such as mass. Or for that matter why there's so much "extra" mass in the universe in the form of unseen "dark matter" which, in fact, makes up 96 per cent of all matter anywhere but about which scientists are themselves totally in the dark.


The Large Hadron Collide is hoped to discover "Higgs Boson". Although such energies in collisions are certainly occurring every day in space, this will be the first time that energies such as these will be observed on Earth. By using such a powerful machine that phyicists can probe deeper into the key mysteries of the Universe. Some people have expressed concerns about the safety of whatever may be created in high-energy particle collisions. However there are no reasons for concern. Or is there?


Some physicists suggest that microscopic black holes could be produced in the collisions at the LHC. However, these would only be created with the energies of the colliding particles (equivalent to the energies of mosquitoes), so no microscopic black holes produced inside the LHC could generate a strong enough gravitational force to pull in surrounding matter.


The problem is that although most people in the physics community believe in Hawkings Radiation, it has no basis in observation. In 2003 Adam D. Helfer Published a paper concerning Hawking's Radiation coming to the conclusion that Hawking's Radiation may in fact be incorrect, and that a Black Hole would not lose mass in such a way.


We have seen that the presence of interactions will allow "virtual" vacuum fluctuations to produce real physical effects, such as scattering and pair-creation of particles.


In a gravitationally collapsing spacetime, the result is that ultra-energetic charged particles are produced and are correlated with the emitted Hawking radiation. However, the energies increase so rapidly that, essentially as soon as the hole can be said to have formed, they have passed the Planck scale. At that point quantum gravity must enter essentially.


These Planck-scale effects occur, not just in a thin layer around the event horizon, but in a region of space whose linear size outwards from the black hole is of the order of the Schwarzschild radius. This is because, at any point in space–time, the ultra-energetic effects are essentially determined by the possibilities of photons being received which have been exponentially red-shifted by the incipient black hole. This is essentially determined by the fraction of the sky occupied by the hole, as seen by an observer at the point in question, and this fraction will be significant if one is within a few Schwarzschild radii of the hole. We thus predict that the vicinity of a black hole is a region in which essentially quantum-gravitational, Planck-scale, physics must dominate.






If a Black Hole created doesn't evaporate, what next? It would either maintain a rather low orbit within our planet itself, slowly increase mass at an exponential rate, or it's possible it may "gravitate" to the direct center of the planet in which case would increase mass very quickly. A lawsuit has been filed in Hawaii, attempting to delay any activity at the LHC.


Find more about CERN HERE



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