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Microwaves May Help Energy Crisis

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Our country is on the verge of an energy revolution, and technology with negligible fuel costs and zero emissions such as ours will be the critical weapon in fighting global warming and skyrocketing fuel costs. - Frank Pringle, CEO of Global Resource Corporation


Global Resources has a patent pending process that allows for removal of oil and alternative petroleum products at very low cost from various resources, including shale deposits, tar sands and waste oil streams with significantly greater yields and lower costs than are available utilizing existing known technologies. The process uses specific frequencies of microwave radiation to extract oils and alternative petroleum products from secondary raw materials, and is expected to dramatically reduce the cost for oil and gas recovery from a variety of unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Global's technology will not only be developed to extract oil from shale, but from depleted oil fields in the US and elsewhere, many of which still contain more than half of the hydrocarbons originally in these fields, because the residual hydrocarbons are too viscous to extract with conventional technology.


Global Resources Patent-Pending technological innovations define new exploration standards including; extracting the remaining in-situ oil reserves from capped-off oil wells, converting shale and/or coal to gas or crude oil, extracting oil from drill cuttings & converting the remaining soil into clean landfill, and cracking automobile tires hydrocarbons into crude oil & carbon black material.


On April 06, 2007 GBRC created technology that converts unusable automobile fluff (ASR) into gases and/or diesel fuel and heating oil. Automobile fluff consists of materials that are comprised of non-metallic components equaling approximately ten percent of the total weight of an automobile. Currently, these materials are going to landfills across the United States and Europe and costing about $40 to $60 a ton to dispose of. With 16 million cars disposed of each year in the United States and no home for these materials other than landfills, we are burying millions of barrels of oil per year. GBRC can convert this waste material into reusable by- products!


Global Resource Corp.'s HAWK 10 eliminates auto recycling's costs and environmental hazards by breaking down autofluff with its patent-pending high- frequency microwave technology. The microwaves gasify the materials-a process also known as "cracking the hydrocarbon chain"-and

convert them into 80 percent light combustible gases, and 20 percent oil. The gas is then cycled in a closed-loop system to fuel the next round of material breakdown, without emitting any harmful waste.


The Department of Energy issued a report on Wednesday, June 20, 2007, identifying 25 companies that possess unconventional fuel production technologies. The report includes a profile on Global Resource and its energy production technologies, which can potentially unlock billions of barrels of oil from various oil shale, tar sands, coal and capped oil wells located in the USA.


Our technology may one day allow the United States to rely on its own resources for the country's energy needs, and this report is a testament to the potential our process holds. The experts at the DOE see value in our system, and we are honored to be counted among the giants of the petro-chemical industry as a company that may one day help solve the global energy crisis. - Frank Pringle, CEO of Global Resource Corporation


On July 2, 2007 Global Resource Corporation announced that it has commenced a second round of testing on coal using its patent pending technology. The reason for the second round of tests is to substantiate original results. During initial testing, GRC's lab technicians discovered only a miniscule CO or CO2 amount analyzed by their gas chromatograph/mass spectrometry equipment that was directly related to the

oxygen naturally inherent to the bituminous coal samples tested. If further testing confirms the results, GRC could very well be the first company to gasify coal without contributing a major greenhouse negative effect by not using oxygen in the gasification process.


On July 9 Global Resource Corporation (OTC: GBRC), announced the results from tests proving that the Company's energy conversion process can produce oil and vast amounts of combustible gas from recycled plastics. Global Resource's chief engineer, Hawk Hogan, revealed the results, from tests performed in the Company's laboratory, during Recycling Today Magazine's 'Plastics Recycling Conference' in Orlando. Mr. Hogan introduced the world's most efficient and high-yield plastics-to-energy conversion process, designed by Global Resource, to representatives of global recycling companies. With minimal energy input, energy conversion machines operate at capacities of 5, 10 or 20 tons of material per hour. The process generates energy from plastics or rubber, and can produce up to 18 times the energy that is used to fuel the machine. For instance, a 10 ton per hour unit operates on 950,000 btu per hour, and the process can generate on average of 17,300,000 btu per hour output.


Aug. 6 Global Resource Corporation (OTC: GBRC.PK) was recognized by the United States Department of Energy in June as a company that may one day make available hundreds of years of oil, a number based on the United States' current burn rate. Global Resource's patent pending technology, applied to various natural and synthetic materials, produces energy in an economical and environmentally friendly process.


To find the report, visit the DOE website at:



October 17 Global Resource Corporation announced that its common stock is now listed for trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol (FWB: AH62). The International Security Identification Number (ISIN) number is US37945C2026.


The Frankfurt exchange is the third-largest organized exchange-trading market in the world (just behind the NYSE and Nasdaq), in terms of turnover and dealings in securities. Consequently, GBRC anticipates a much wider, international market access for its shares. The listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange will provide increased exposure to worldwide capital markets and will enable European institutional and individual investors to trade the

Corporation's common stock in Euros.


Jan 3, 2008 Global Resource Corp. signed a agreement with C6 Energy, Sydney, Australia, to introduce into international markets Global Resource Corp.'s revolutionary microwave technology for producing energy. C6 Energy develops systems to improve the environment by converting waste materials and bituminous coal to produce energy and other usable products.


We believe that the strides made as a Company in 2007 will allow us to finally commercialize our intellectual property for oil and petroleum recovery

in 2008. While the prospect of revenues and earnings is certainly what drives our business for the best interest of our shareholders, we are equally proud that Global Resources will be viewed as a leader in providing solutions for the greatest concern facing our nation and the world, dependence on expensive fossil fuels. 2008 will be a critical year in deploying our technology into the field and establishing a proof of commercialization as an alternative energy solution. - - Frank Pringle, CEO of Global Resource Corporation


Global Resource Corp.

Phone: (856) 767-5661

Fax: (856) 767-5664


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