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Why There Will Never Be More Than 2 Parties

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Let's face it, there's not much hope for America based on this year's election. Everyone in the world is pissed at the US and our men and women are fighting and dying in a war we shouldn't be in.


The worst part about having Bush (who everyone viewed as a coke-head/bumbling idiot in 2000 and he still beat Gore) is that the Democrat's can't put up anyone that Americans will vote for.


Bush is terrible and Kerry flips on any issue. This is what we have left? No one else? It's pathetic! Even though I would never vote for Ralph Nader, I would love to see him get a chance to debate Bush and Kerry. He might be crazy, but he has a point.



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Guest Human

I actually agree with you on the point that Nader should be Included in the Debates.


I really think that Nader could make the debates REAL interesting.


Hey look, I'm Republican, but still I would really Love to see Nader in there, the democrats don't like nader because they are thinking that nader will cost them the election, the Republicans don't like him either cause they think that he is too liberal.


In other words he would be the perfect person to debate, Nader could really keep both of the Candidates Honest.

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