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Battlestar Galactica - Who is the final Cylon


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I just watched the Battlestar Galactica Final Season Premiere.


Kara Thrace "Starbuck" has returned after two months. She tells the entire crew that she has found Earth. But, only Lee Adama believes her. We also now know Colonel Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel T. Anders, Tory Foster, are four of the Final Five Cylons. Who is the fifth?


Starbuck, President Laura Roslin, Gaius all have visions.


The President and Gaius share the same visions with the Cylons.


Starbucks visions are different. She is the only one that has seen Earth. But how did she get a new ship? And how did she get back to the Ionian Nebula where the Galactica fleet was located?


Starbuck also saw Leoben in her vision before she died.

Gaius has been intimate with hot cylon Caprica Six. She is constantly linked to him. Six tells him what to say and do.


Starbuck is married to Samuel, a cylon.

Gaius was somewhat intimate with Dianna "Number three" cylon.


Starbuck is has saved the fleet many times, knows how to get to Earth, and only Lee believes her.

Gaius has inadvertantly helped the cylons anihilate the colonies and gave information about the Ionian Nebula and now is considered by some as a Messiah.


Diana died and was boxed following an overpowering vision of the final five.


Diana wants to know who are the final five. Caprica wills her programming to block who the five are.


Kara's and Laura's visions conflict on the direction of Earth.


We also know Nicholas, the infant son of Cally and Galen is the second human-Cylon hybrid. Is it possible that the half-Cylon infant Hera and Nicholas are the ending to this Saga?


We know that the Cylons do not know where Earth is. We know that they are following the Galactica to find earth.


But, there is a overide that seems to stop them from destroying the last Colonial fleet. We saw this tonight when Sam confronted a cylon fighter. There was a recognition signature when Sam's eyes glowed red. The cylon fleet immediately left.


One possible scenerio is that Sam subconciously transmitted to the cylon fleet that Kara was back and she knows how to get to earth. So, the cylon fleet backed off and waited.


Remember that the Cylon God" told Kendra in Razor; Starbuck is the Harbinger of Death and will lead Humanity to its doom.

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Guest Artemis

Luke this is the classic battle between God and Satan. In this case Satan is the fallen Lord of Kobol. This fallen Lord is able to enter the minds of both human and cylon beings.

Watch season 3 episode, "Exodus", a Number Three Cylon receives a message from both the Lords of Kobol and the Cylon God through a Colonial clergy member, an oracle named Dodona Selloi, who appears to act as a conduit between both the Cylon and Colonial deities. The contact with Selloi, a Colonial citizen, implies that the Cylon God may be a fallen Lord of Kobol. Other Spiritual connections between Colonials and Cylon deities occur throughout season 3 episodes, particularly in the episodes "The Eye of Jupiter" and "Rapture", where a 4,000 year old Colonial temple (built by the Thirteenth Tribe that left for Earth) is used by a Number Three Cylon to determine the identities of five missing humanoid Cylons.

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Guest PDiddyO
I am willing to bet it is Lee. He seems like the perfect candidate. He admits his mistakes and is somewhat sympathetic to the cylon cause.


It can't be Lee. His father would know the truth. The Adama family has a long colonial history. The Grandfather wrote the lawbook. I think its the Baltar's new chick bodyguard. Did you see how she manhandled those dudes.

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Guest Jamie@GW

I remember the episode Luke where Kendra encounters what could possibly be the "God" that Cylons speak of, the origin of all skin jobs, in his gooey regen tank.


He tells her "All this has happened before and will happen again..."


In a confusing conversation, he asks Kendra if she wishes to be forgiven, and tells her a secret: That Kara Thrace will lead humanity to their end. She is "the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death." Kendra tries to warn the Pegasus, but is pressed into setting off the nuke.

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