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Safer Children in a Digital World: the report of the Byron Review


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It's always nice to be up to date. If the pdf links dont show up on this post, just go to the web site. It's all there.






Published 27th March 2008

On 6th September 2007, the Prime Minister asked me to conduct an independent review looking at the risks to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet and in video games.

My Review is about the needs of children and young people. It is about preserving their right to take the risks that form an inherent part of their development by enabling them to play video games and surf the net in a safe and informed way.

By listening to children and young people and putting them at the heart of this Review - and by replacing emotion with evidence - I hope I have provided some very necessary focus to what is a very necessary debate.

PDF versions of the Full Report, Annexes and supporting documentation are available below.

Final Report

• Safer Children in a Digital World: Full Report (PDF, 2756kb)

The Full Report also contains a glossary, bibliography, details of the Review process, and a list of key contributors to the Review.

• Safer Children in a Digital World: Executive Summary (PDF, 110kb)

• Safer Children in a Digital World: A Summary for Children and Young People (PDF, 970kb)


Press Releases

• Byron Review Press Release (Word, 269kb) (PDF, 45kb)

• Government Response Press Release


Call for Evidence

• Annex D: Summary Report of the Byron Review Call for Evidence (PDF, 92kb)

The summary also includes a list of respondents

• Annex E: Summary Report of the Byron Review Children’s Call for Evidence (PDF, 46kb)


Additional Documents

• Annex F: Byron Review Qualitative Research Report (PDF, 286kb)

• Annex G: The Impact of the Media on Children and Young People with a particular focus on computer games and the internet (PDF, 305kb)

Prepared for the Byron Review on Children and New Technology

• Annex H: Byron Review on the Impact of New Technologies on Children: A Research Literature Review: Child Development (PDF, 158kb)

• Annex I: Brain development in childhood: A literature review and synthesis for the Byron Review on the impact of new technologies on children (PDF, 344kb)


Related Documents

• Byron Review Consultation Document (PDF, 50kb)

• Byron Review Children's Consultation (PDF, 126kb)

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