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Magnipulsion - DC Current Chopped into Pulses


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As of 2007, the work of Bob Teal and his Magnipulsion Engine from 1976 has all but been forgotten. Teal was granted two patents for his mechanical, reciprocating electromagnetic attraction engine in 1977 and 1978. However, nothing in these patents disclosed the essential secrets of its extraordinary operating characteristics. Its capabilities were only hinted at in a rare piece of company literature. By 1978, Teal was out of money, and work on the Magnipulsion Engine had stopped.


Luckily, these documents fell into the hands of Free Energy researcher Dr. Peter Lindemann in 1979. By 1983, a group of people in Santa Barbara, California, including Peter Lindemann and Michael Knox, were working on reviving Teal's ideas and developing their own advanced power plant called the Flux Motor. The Flux Motor produced extremely high torque and was able to recover over 80% of its input electricity. Unfortunately, this group also ran out of money before finishing their work. So, the secrets of these amazing electric motors lay quietly in a file box for 24 years.



View the video at YouTube.


The recycled energy is used to induce motion in the system, via the collapsing magnetic field.

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