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Looking for state of art map services. NAVTEK offers location-based content for automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers, and the top mapping Web sites. Leading companies like Google see the potential in the marketplace and they share NAVTEQ's vision for the role navigation and location content will play in the way consumers live and work in the future. The company reported with making over a half billion dollars in Net Revenue with four hundred and eighty million dollars in operating expenses.


Increasingly, governmental agencies and businesses are using map data to boost efficiencies. NAVTEQ is meeting the demand. The U.S. Government chose NAVTEQ maps to help the Department of Homeland Security synchronize its planning for and response to emergencies and natural disasters. NAVTEQ maps are also guiding the growing number of fleet operators and dispatchers seeking to maximize route efficiencies, minimize driving errors, and save fuel.


In the fourth quarter of 2006, NAVTEQ entered into an agreement to acquire Traffic.com, a U.S. provider of real-time traffic data. This acquisition, which was completed on March 6th, 2007, provides the high quality traffic data customers and consumers want today and a technology platform for the future. In addition, we acquired The Map Network, a Washington, D.C.-based producer of officially licensed maps designed to market travel destinations, special events, hotels, and marquee venues. Our acquisition of The Map Network broadens our capacity to deliver localized content to a wide variety of customers across multiple industries. Earlier in the year, we also announced the acquisition of a leading Mexican map company, MapIT!, a division of gedas AG.


NAVTEQ generates revenue primarily through the licensing of our database in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and North America (Americas). The largest portion of our revenue comes from digital map data used in self-contained hardware and software systems installed in vehicles (in-dash systems).


The company believes that, in addition to automobile market conditions in general and automobile sales mix.


There are two key factors that affect our performance with respect to this revenue:


the number of automobiles sold for which navigation systems are either standard or an option (adoption) and the rate at which car buyers select navigation systems as an option (take-rate).


We believe the adoption of navigation systems in automobiles in Europe has stabilized at over 80%, but that adoption of such systems in North America continues to increase. In addition, the take-rates have increased during recent years in both Europe and North America and we expect that these will continue to increase for at least the next few years as a result of market acceptance by our customers of products and services that use our database and anticipated reductions in the price of in-dash systems.


As the adoption of navigation systems in automobiles increases in North America, and the take-rates in both North America and Europe increase, we believe each of these can have a positive effect on our revenue, subject to our ability to maintain our license fee structure and customer base.


NAVTEQ's unrivaled leadership is overwhelmingly demonstrated in the marketplace:


Every major U.S. and European automaker relies on NAVTEQ maps to power the navigation system in one or more of their models.


NAVTEQ maps also power many personal navigation devices (PNDs), including units made by Garmin, Magellan, and Thales, as well as many of the leading location-enabled applications.


The top Web mapping portals, including Google, Yahoo!, MapQuest, and Rand McNally, are map-enabled by NAVTEQ.


Become a member of the NAVTEQ Network for Developers and begin exploring technical resources and tools, accessing sample map data, leveraging technical support, and participating in the industry-leading LBS Challenge today.



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