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The District of Columbia is the only place in the United States of America where a reverse moral value system is in place and this may explain why DC has the highest rate of various STDs: E.g. AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases, but what can you expect when the majority of the city's leaders are Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and anything but normal.





Mayor Adrian Fenty, Bisexual

Council Chair Vincent Gray, Bisexual

Carol Schwartz, Straight

David Catania, Gay

Phil Mendelson, Straight

Kwame Brown, Straight

Jim Graham, Gay

Jack Evans, Straight

Mary Cheh, Bisexual

Harry Thomas, Jr., Straight

Tommy Wells, Gay

Marion Barry, Jr., Bisexual

Yvette Alexander, Lesbian

Muriel Bowser, Unknown


In 1973, Congress granted DC the right in part to rule itself with its oversight.


This right to self-rule was called Home Rule.


Thirty five (35) years later, we now have in DC, Homo Rule and a strong reason Congress should never cut DC lose, grant it a vote in Congress or give it statehood.


The corruption that premeates all aspects of the Government of the District of Columbia has come at the hands of the LGBT people for their own selfish and sick gain at the expense of everybody else.


DC sort of reminds you of the movie White Man's Burden but in DC it is Straight Man's Burden.

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I ask you again, does surrounding yourself with gay co-workers, supporters, and friends make you gay? Should straight people only interact with straight people? How do gay people turn straight people into something they do not want or be something they are not.

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Unless you are out of touch of what these people have said about themselves, then you would learn that what I say is accurate with the exception of whether or not Fenty is or is not.


Vincent Gray's deceased wife the former Ms. Goodson was a very close friend of my family and she always said to me/us that she was tired of his *happy person** beahvior and did not want to share him with men. Vincent Gray knows that I know of his years of conflict with his deceased wife and the fact that she hired a private detective to follow him when he headed up the DCHS.


It has nothing to do with guilt by association but by the acts and or admissions of each at issue.

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