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As allegations go, more and more people are starting to see a possible similarity in Senator Barack Obama and DC Mayor Adrian Fenty and putting together the pieces.


Mayor Adrian Fenty’s bisexuality is the worst kept secret in Washington, DC but Barack Likes Men is something many hope is not true.


Some mid-western newspapers in Ohio appear poised to do a story after Larry Sinclair has taken the polygraph test he has agreed to, and if it shows Sinclair to be truthful, Obama may have to face the music in the media and this could railroad his chances for the Democratic nod.



Larry Sinclair is the gay, limo driver in Chicago who said that he had performed adult activity upon Obama after Obama bought them drugs to do and that there were several encounters between them.

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Guest Kettle Black

Larry Sinclair has even agreed to take a lie detector test. I say give him his test, so people will realize that this man is a cook. WhiteHouse.com has come forth offering him $10,000 for the right to record the polygraph test, and another $100,000 if he passes it. Gosh, I wonder why Larry has not accepted the offer. This is stupid baseless attempt to smear Senator Obama's good name. Mr. Sinclair does not look sexually attractive, let alone like a “former limousine owner.” Obama would not be running for President knowing that such allegations could destroy his life and embarrass his wife and children. Filing a lawsuit does not constitute proof of anything. Any nut job can file a lawsuit. Maybe Jonathan Rees can explain to everyone how he does it. Anyone that believes this story is just as idiotic as this nut job who created it .

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It is not a question of whether one believes it or not to be true but the fact that enough people in the media are willing to risk going with a story like this.


Larry Sinclair according to The Cleveland Ledger will take the test and so on. Let's see how it turns out.

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It appears that Larry has accepted the offer from WhiteHouse.com. This is no issue.




We're not ready to share all the details about our upcoming evening lie-detecting with Obama accuser Larry Sinclair, but there are a few things that we want to tell you – namely that we've agreed on a time and place to carry out our wager with Mr. Sinclair.


We're going to meet him on Tuesday, February 26th at an undisclosed location in New York City. We've picked a polygraph expert, too: a renowned expert who has been involved in quite a few high-profile cases who we're not going to name until the results are not only in, but have been verified by a second renowned expert.


Then, we'll post the results, the names of both polygraph experts, and other relevant information, along with video and pictures, here on Whitehouse.com. Since the outcome of the test will be vital interest to the voting public, our findings will be made available before the presidential primaries in Texas and Ohio slated for March 4. That's all for now, but check back for updates.

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Obama's past drug use and his sexual orientation is not as much an issue as would be his claim that he has not done such for over 20 years and it turns out he has lied.

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Actually, Rees is a supporter of John McCain.








View the video at YouTube.

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Guest SqueezeME

So are you saying Fenty and Obama are intimate.


Did you observe the two from a bathroom stall?


Did you hear feet shuffling?


What brand was the toilet paper.


You are insanely funny.

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All we can do is wait and see if Sinclair passes the TEST but everybody knows that Fenty is bisexual and likes to surround himself with others like him: E.g. Dan Tangherlini, Neil Albert and the list goes on.


Then again, who cares what you think.



So are you saying Fenty and Obama are intimate.


Did you observe the two from a bathroom stall?


Did you hear feet shuffling?


What brand was the toilet paper.


You are insanely funny.

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While Mayor Fenty has publically stated that the gay community is a vibrant and vital part of our city and supports gay marriage, it does not mean that Adrian Fenty is gay.


I think everybody is pretty aware of what I said during the campaign, that I’m 100 percent in favor of gay marriage and I continue to have that position and will work to make sure my administration reflects that position - Mayor Adrian Fenty


Fenty's 2006 Campaign Mission Statement states it best.


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community

The diversity of our City is one of its greatest strengths. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) community has had a positive impact on every area of our City and I am committed to ensuring that our city will continue to be a welcoming place for members of the community to live, work, play and bring up their families.


A Fenty administration will work to ensure that the GLBT community continues to be totally integrated into the fabric of our society and enjoy all of the rights and privileges afforded to every other District resident by this City and by our nation, including the right to marry. Until that happens, we will work with the Council to continue to expand domestic partnerships and fully support the Office of Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender Affairs with the understanding that it will complement the work of all the existing organizations that have been working for years in DC to ensure that the rights, including the right to marry, of all citizen's are respected without regard to sexual orientation and sexual identity.


When you write the posts do you think of what stress you may be giving to the Mayor's wife Michelle and their twin sons, Matthew and Andrew? You should read this NBC 4 News Article.




Take Jamaica, blend it with England, add a shot of New York and then stir in D.C. and you've got one zesty punch.


That's the cocktail that comes together in the form of the District's new first lady, Michelle Fenty.


She's an international attorney with young twin boys and a husband trying to reform the nation's capital. Yet for her, it's just another day with Adrian and the kids.


"Every time someone calls me 'first lady,' I have to chuckle. It's just so surreal," said Fenty.


When you sit with Michelle Fenty, you get the impression a lot of things make her chuckle. She clearly enjoys herself and her life.


Michelle Cross Fenty grew up in Wimbledon, England, the child of Jamaican parents. At 18 she moved to New York.


She came to Washington to attend Howard University Law School. That's where she met Adrian Fenty, and the rest is becoming history.


"I knew that he was civic minded," she said. "I recognized that about him in law school. That came into focus, but how far he was going to take that I had no idea."


The couple eloped to Alexandria, Va., in 1997. It was just the two of them and a photographer.


"I wanted to make sure I had pictures of the day even though we didn't share it with our family," she said.


Three years later they became the parents of twin boys.


As the twins grew, so did her husband's political career, until one day he was running for mayor.


Family is paramount to the Fentys, and Michelle wants to insure the twins have a life outside of politics.


"As a parent, I find it's my duty to protect them," she said. "I don't want them absorbed in that world."


She doesn't want to get too absorbed in that world either. She says this is Adrian's journey. He was the one elected mayor.


But the mayor knows better than to keep a woman like Michelle in the background.


Senator Barack Obama has stated that he supports civil unions, but he is against gay marriage. In an interview with the Chicago Daily Tribune, Obama said, "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman." A man who votes against the Federal Marriage Amendment and opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 does not seem all all that gay to me.


When you write the posts do you think of what stress you may be giving to the Senator's wife Michelle and their two girls Malia and Sasha? You should read this CBS Evening News Article.



CBS) CBS News anchor Katie Couric interviewed the woman who knows Barack Obama best - from policy to personality. Michelle Obama gets personal about her husband, their kids - and herself. What follows is the complete transcript of the interview.


Couric: What do your girls think about this? Your daughter, Malia, is nine. Sasha is six.


Obama: Right.


Couric: Are they a bit overwhelmed by this whole thing?


Obama: They're not because … this isn't their life. You know, we've done the best that we can to keep them on course. So they're in the same school with the same teachers, with the same friends. And fortunately they go to school where people, you know, they've known us for a while.


Couric: Let me ask you about when you first met your husband. Before you were married the two of you worked at a law firm together in Chicago. And I read when you he first asked you out, he said, "No, thank you," not wanting to mix business with pleasure.


Obama: Right.


Couric: But then he invited you somewhere. And your view of him changed dramatically. What was that? And what happened?


Obama: Well, we were friends from the start, because I was his advisor. And my job was to welcome him to the firm. I took him out to lunch. And immediately I liked him because he didn't take himself too seriously but he was very bright, had a very interesting background, just a good guy to talk to. You know, you could laugh easily with him. So I was, like, this is a friend.


But then he asked me out on a date. And I thought, "Well, my advisee. Hmm, I don't think that looks right." But he invited me to go to one of the churches because he had been a community organizer and worked on the far South Side with a group of churches. And he took me to a training that he was doing. And there were mostly single parent mothers, mostly African Americans on the South Side.


And he did a training talking about concept like the world as it is and the world as it should be and how the job of ordinary people in organizing, this is to try to narrow … the gap between those two ideas. And to see him transform himself from the guy who was a summer associate in a law firm with a suit and then to come into this church basement with folks who were like me, who grew up like me, who were challenged and struggling in ways that I never would, and to be able to take off that suit and tie and become a whole 'nother person and connect with people in the same way he had connected with folks in that firm, you don't see someone who can make that transition and do it comfortably and feel comfortable in his own skin and to touch people's hearts in the way that he did, because people connected with his message. And I knew then and there there's something different about this guy. Because you see people who can live well in corporate America. They can wear that uniform well. They can't make the transition and vice versa. Barack lived comfortably in those two worlds.


And it was impressive. And his message was moving. I mean, it touched me.


It made me think differently about what am I doing with my life. And how am I adding to the notion of getting us to the world as it should be? Am I doing it in my law firm? You know? So he made me think in ways that I hadn't before.


Couric: And you were smitten after that.


Obama: I thought … I could hang out with this guy. I was impressed. I really was.


Obama and Fenty are rising young stars in American politics. The Fenty machine is not just the mayor its his supporters as well. The Fenty machine realizes that if Obama wins this city will benifit.


On July 17 last year, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Sen. Barack Obama gathered at the King Greenleaf Recreation Center in Southwest for an endorsement announcement. Fenty called the Illinois senator the type of leader “who can inspire young people to take part and take pride in our government again.”


With those words, Fenty became among the first pols in the country to throw his weight behind the It Candidate of the millennium.


It was hardly surprising, considering that Fenty and Obama are often mentioned in the same breath when talking about the class of young, energetic, “post-racial” politicians. It also helped that Obama had been the only candidate to ask for Fenty’s nod.


In return for the early vote of confidence in a jurisdiction pocked with symbolism if not so many nominating delegates, Obama was happy to throw some praise Hizzoner’s way. “Washington is lucky to have Adrian Fenty at the helm,” Obama told the crowd.


So impressed was Obama with Fenty’s leadership that he put the mayor at the helm of his D.C. campaign—though it’s apparent that Fenty does a lot more for Washington than he does for Obama.


Asked about his philosophy in supporting Obama, Fenty says, “I’m trying to do what a lot of big-city mayors do, which is trying to make sure that when the senator is here that we try to make sure everything is in order, put the resources of the city behind him—not the city government but the civic city.”


All we can do is wait and see if Sinclair passes the TEST but everybody knows that Fenty is bisexual and likes to surround himself with others like him: E.g. Dan Tangherlini, Neil Albert and the list goes on.


Are you saying that a straight man cannot be friends or work with a gay man? Or are you saying that you know for sure that Fenty has been intimate with Dan Tangherlini, Neil Albert. etc?

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It is no hidden secret that Mayor Fenty is a frequent visitor to two gay bars off Capitol Hill.


The Afro-American newspapers has questioned him about it and about whether or not his latent bisexuality is being used by others to get jobs, government contracts and more.


Why would a straight, married man jump in his SUV at 11:30 PM at night and travel 3 miles, park outside of a well known gay bar and not leave until 2 AM? This is a question the Afro-American newspaper has been trying to get Fenty to answer.


Hidden sexual orientation is nothing new and DC is riddled with marriages of convenience just like the one Councilman Jim Graham had for years before he broke it off.

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