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Solar Grill - Concave Mirror heats up your Meal


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Coal is lousy for your health, gas smells, and electricity is pricey—plus none are exactly swell for the environment. Still, it just ain't summer without a barbecue.


With Solar-Grill you can barbecue fish, chicken, vegetables, juicy steaks or other tasteful meals. An all this can be achieved without:





connecting or fire lighting


just unfold

aim at the sun

put the meal into the barbecue cup

... and grilling starts immediately


The Solar-Grill has a flexible mirror, which focuses the sun beams on the barbecue cup allowing it to heat up.


Your meal is cooked in the self contained barbecue cup an heated evenly from all sides, without direct irradiation by sunlight.


Because of the intelligent construction of the Solar-Grill your favorite dishes are cooked thoroughly by it self well-done, without burning. Everything keeps icy and you can enjoy other activities.


Solar-Grill is ideal for camping and spare time, in the garden, on the balcony, at the swimming pool, beach or lakeside resort. Anyplace where open fire is forbidden or clouds of smoke are not welcome.


no smoke

no open fire

no turn of meals

no burn

just pleasant smell of fresh barbecued dishes ...


Telescope features and a foldable mirror enables easy handling and space-saving storage. Because of it's extreme lightness you can easily take the Solar-Grill to your favorite place.



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...here is another nifty cooking idea started in England.




Ladies, gentlemen, start your engines. But only after you've loaded them up with sausages, chicken, crabs, Cajun shrimp and plenty of vegetables!


Car engine cooking will change the way you take road trips, forever. As I've stated in the past, I love to get extra use out of the products I buy. Around 15 years ago, I saw a documentary on British television about a guy who had wrapped some sausages in foil, placed them on a strategic part of his engine, and then took a 40 minute drive to his friend's house. When he got there, the sausages were perfectly cooked and a great end to a small journey.


How cool, I remember thinking. But as I couldn't drive at the time, I forgot all about it. Until last week. For some reason, sitting in my car at a red light smelling the grilling chicken of a nearby Chipotle reminded me of that story. And now I'm pleased and proud to present you with Car Engine Cooking, brought to you by the one and only source I could find on the subject...a wonderful book called Manifold Destiny.


MANIFOLD DESTINY - The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!


Chris Maynard and Bill Scheller have a serious affinity with cars. Both experienced rally drivers, they must have worked up an appetite on the courses they drove. And as they are also both accomplished cooks, it seems only natural that a book on car engine cooking would be born.




The book is witty, concise and well-written. Well worth a read on any day. It also goes into more detail than I can recount here, covering everything from types of cars, food placement on engines, international VS domestic models and so on. What I can give you is enough to whet your appetite, followed by the most important part of the story - my FIVE favorite car engine cooking recipes from the many delicacies listed in the book.

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