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Husqvarna Auto Mower : Robot Lawn Chores


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Being the worlds first fully automatic lawn mower, the Auto Mower is the ultimate user friendly mower. You don’t have to lift a finger to get a perfect lawn.


The Husqvarna Auto Mower is a battery-powered mower that works independently. Mowing in a random pattern for consistent coverage, your lawn is always freshly manicured.

The Auto Mower takes itself to the charging station and then returns to the lawn automatically, fully charged. The mower’s working area is defined by a boundary loop along the edges of the lawn. The mowing action is continuous and the cuttings are redistributed to the ground as fertilizer.


The Automower is user-friendly and safe to operate. It is also built to a high specification and when used in accordance with the Operator’s Manual, will offer years of trouble-free service. The Operator’s Manual is a valuable document. Please read its contents carefully before setting up your Automower. Adhering to the maintenance instructions will ensure a long life for the mower.


The Automower is designed to mow grass on ordinary lawns free from stones, large branches, etc. The Automower is not suitable for any other type of use. The manufacturer’s instructions with regard to installation, operation and maintenance must be followed precisely.




What is the maximum operational area for the Automower?

The Automower can handle any areas up to .45 acres +/- 20%, depending on the complexity of the garden.


Will I still need an ordinary lawnmower?

No. We recommend you to complement the edges with a trimmer to get a perfect finish for your lawn.


What do I do if my lawn size is larger than .5 acres?

You can install two or more machines side by side. We have today several “multiple” installations in place throughout the world. So far, the maximum amount of Automowers working side by side is 13 units maintaining a total area of 4 acres.


Where can I get service and spare parts?

You can get service at your nearest authorised retailer. To find it, go to the Dealer Locator.


What’s the lifetime of the battery?

This depends on the area and set running time of the Automower. If you run your Automower 6 months a year on an area of .2 acre, your battery will last 2-3 seasons. In order to save your battery you should set the timer according to the size of your lawn. A guideline is .02 acres per hour, which means that .2 acres needs an operation time of approx. 11 hours per day under normal growing conditions. During the dry season you can easily reduce the running time without losing performance.


What’s the lifetime of the blades?

The life of the blades depends on the type of soil and grass. Typically, the life is 1-2 months on .25 acres. You can replace the three lightweight blades in five minutes using a regular screwdriver.


Do I need to store it inside during the winter?

Yes, if you don’t have to mow in the winter. Before putting the Automower away for the winter it should be cleaned and wiped dry and then stored in dry frost-free conditions. We also recommend that the charging station is stored indoors over the winter. The loop wire installation can remain in the lawn.


How do I maintain the Automower to keep it in the best condition?

Replacing blades regularly is vital to maintain an excellent cutting result. Now and then, depending on your lawn size, you should spend a few minutes cleaning grass from the wheels and chassis.


Can I use the Automower in smaller gardens?

Yes. The Automower’s working hours should be set in accordance to lawn size. A good guideline is .02 acres per hour, so if your lawn size is .1 acres you need to set the Automower to work for about 5 hours per day.


Can the Automower handle all types of gardens?

In principle yes as long as the incline doesn’t exceed 35%. The convenience advantage may be limited in a very fragmented garden (a lawn consisting of many small patches of lawns not connected to each other) as the mower has to be moved around manually. During the installation, you will have to ensure that the Automower does not cut areas you do not wish to cut, e.g. flowers, bushes, trees, rocks, etc.


Will the Automower cope with my uneven lawn?

Due to the large driving wheels, the Automower can cope with uneven surfaces very well. Only small deep holes may cause the Automower to get stuck. The Automower is small enough to follow the curvature of a rough lawn. It will not scalp the “hills” like many larger mowers.


Can the Automower detect objects such as clothes or toys lying around on the lawn?

No. It is up to the owner to keep the lawn surface free from objects. Any object that is small enough for the Automower to pass over may be damaged, as well as cause damage to the machine’s blades. Make sure your lawn is clear of small objects before operating the Automower.


What about pine cones, tree branches and fruit on the ground?

To maximize the life of the blades these types of objects should be raked or collected regularly. They will not damage the mower, but the blades will wear faster. Tree branches may also damage or bend the blades resulting in a poor cutting performance.


I have a nice flower bed and trees that I want to protect. Is that possible?

Provided the wire has been installed correctly around your flower bed, tree, shrub, or other object, then Automower cannot damage it or intrude into that area.


How does the Automower handle very long grass?

If the grass is very long and thick you should raise the cutting height and then gradually reduce it to the preferred level. In extreme conditions the lawn may need to be cut by a conventional mower before the Automower takes over.


I have a lot of moss in my lawn – how does that effect the Automower?

Actually it’s the Automower that will affect the moss. The continuous mowing has a very positive influence on grass growth leading to the gradual disappearance of moss from the lawn.


Will the mower cut the grass in rainy conditions?

Yes, but it’s recommended that you bring the mower inside in extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain and storms.


Will the mower cut in very hot conditions?

The mower is designed to function in temperatures of up to about 113ºF. From about 77ºF the mow and charge times will become shorter, as the battery capacity is lower in hot conditions. The area performance however remains unchanged.


If I want to use the Automower at my summer home or share it with my neighbour, can the Automower work at two different locations?

Yes. If you buy two charging stations and two loop wire cables, you can have two separate installation sites and use the Automower in both locations.



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